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  1. An SG Model would be good, Maybe a classic guitar model or and Oud (Lute). Definitely more pickups models maybe they can collaborate with Di Marzio or Seymour Duncan. And I would buy a Variax bass without insane prices. Love & Peace from Istanbul
  2. Hi There, I am planning to change stock pickups with Seymour Duncan Everthing Axe or Hotrails Set. I think there must be a quiet cable harness under the hood. Can the pickup change be done easily. Has anyone tried it? Best Regards.
  3. Hi everyone, I have mine almost for a week. I didn't bring it to luthier for fine tuning yet, but the current setting is quiet playable. it came strings loose and after playing and tuning for a couple of day it began to stay in tune. Istanbul nowadays are over 30 degrees Celsius with humidity son it normal that guitar go out of tune a little bit. Iwill inform and share patches as I go deep with it and Variax HD. I haven't tried it yet with my POD X3 Live, but I am currently experimenting with a Zoom MS-100BT pedal with very simple amp settings to Computer running Steinberg Cubase DAW and MR816-CSX. Now mine first impressions: Guitar is well built but it's not an American Deluxe Strat I also have, but OK, even very well for the money (I paid 640 Euros) I also bought external foot pedal A/B switch with power so I don't use batteries at home Be very careful and gentle by inserting Ethernet plug to connect to Computer and be even more gentle plugging it out. Go without amp modeling on acoustics and even maybe on jazz models. Regular Pickups: They are fine it's standard nice Strat sound. It's entertaining compare models with this one to see how sound changes. In future , I might change them to Seymour Duncan Everything Axe set i, I have one on my guitars and I like Humbucker sound in bridge position. Models overall : If you use it on standard tuning and don't push the limits of the CPU (think as a regular computer) you will have very satisfactory results. I felt a tiny lag o baritone tuning and some "artificialness" on higher registers on 12 string combined with alternate for example but you can manage and play if you adjust to it. Acoustic Models: You have not three but five regular acoustics, you just should turn off parallel pitch on 12 string models and they sound quiet good actually. 12 string playing is little bit tricky, as a rule you shouldn't do what you wouldn't do on a real thing. Strumming and arpeggios are OK but no bending and careful with vibratos. Resonators are very good and inspiring. Using Variax HD I made a 5 sting banjo tuning (http://www.pluck-n-play.com/en/tuning/banjo-tuning.html) and it came alive (I turned off E string and +10 for A to upper G, it sounded unnatural so I reduced volume to 40 %) There's no word for sitar, it is just worth to pay just for this model. Electrics: As a rule of thumb it's a nice start to go result oriented. If you go shredding with arch top and jazz model it won't give you results. But with a clean sound, some chorus and and touch of reverb and soft or finger picking they show their true power. You can choose for a widest range of palette if you would play blues, rock and country with default models. I had a Guitar Fetish parts project guitar, a 250 $ Strat with H-S-S lipstick configuration and I try to imitate it on Variax HD and I got similar results with a Fender amp and Compressor before it you get a very nice Robert Cray Sound (especially positions 4 and 5), although I never saw Robert Cray would play with lipsticks. Even if you play Heavy Metal you might overdub tracks with Nashville tuning that you can do with Variax instantly that makes your recordings more bold an big. (Nashville tuning: +12 for low 4 strings) I have generally an idea where to use a Tele, Strat or Les Paul, but for the other model I believe I had to spend time and experiment to use a Rickenbacker or Gretch in a useful manner. I am playing in a local community orchestra (Istanbul! 17 millions! local :) )and we play many kinds of music ranging from Rock to 70 Pops, Greek and Mediterranean to Turkish to Middle Eastern. I found a bouzouki patch which is also good as a mandolin on country or Italian music. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9647.0 It's nice to play real time with pickups and bodies and create new models. I made some 335 with modern humbucker a la Alvin Lee or Dave Grohl and Lipstickcaster I mentioned above. I agree with people on forum that i would be a nice touch to have a classical guitar and maybe and oud and lute (I know I expect too much :) ) , the world of stringed instruments are far rich beyond those modern axes in popular music. Still you can have some nice and interesting patches with current acoustic and resonator models. Thanks for reading this. Emrah
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