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  1. Hello All, I'm fairly new to variax, but thought I'd open a thread for what we'd like next. Personally some of the pre populated options are too heavily biased to one instrument model with all 5 positions of the selector switch devoted to just one instrument in some pre-set modelling choices. I'd like to see less pre-sets and more custom options. A pipe dream is a brass instrument.
  2. Hello all, It's that time of year to hope that Santa brings us all another year. Merry Christmas
  3. I'm not sure how far down the neck you need to move to hear the synth effect? I do use a modeled acoustic guitar amp though, whenever I put the variax into acoustic mode, so maybe that's a solution.
  4. I would reset the guitar to factory settings using the pilot manual instructions to be found here: http://line6.com/variax-modeling-guitars/resources/ That's in case anyone has changed them before the guitar got to you. There is also a comment in the HD workbench pilot manual also available from the above link which reads: Why doesn’t the alt-tuning sound right when I blend in my magnetics with a Workbench HD model? The magnetic pickups on your physical guitar are not alt tuned by the DSP. So when you turn up the Magnetics Blend level on an alt tuned model, you may hear dissonance. I have to admit that I have to use headphones with my Variax Standard in order to stop the normal string tuning getting to my ears as well as the modelled tuning. The work bench pilot manual does have more advice on the subject on page 14 of the 16 page manual
  5. I was mulling over buying a variax standard as with my hands I prefer the Yamaha neck. Then I thought what the heck why not be cheeky and ask a local Yamaha dealer if they would take my Yamaha 112v that I got off eBay for £60 in part exchange? I got a £99 trade in which swung the deal. The dealer had the full range off colours and whilst the emerald green looks great I was reminded how a school friend's green 112J showed more nail marks on it than any of the rest of Yamaha's in class. I've gone for black so I will be a slave to careful cleaning. I for one can't work out the price difference between the standard and the JTV's as they both give access to the same HD workbench? In the UK the difference between standard and JTV is over £200, and as the purpose of the HD workbench is to make them sound like something else, £200 for a bit of aesthetics is hard to justify for me. The Variax comparison chart is here so you can work out what you're getting for the price difference: http://line6.com/variax-modeling-guitars/resources/ It's early days but as I traded in a 112v the variax will be kept and noodled with for many years.
  6. I've just bought a Variax Standard, I traded in a Yamaha Pacifica 112V for it. I'm unable to tell any difference between the Variax Standard neck and the Yamaha Pacifica that I traded in.
  7. I just traded in a Yamaha 112v for a variax standard (4 hours ago to be precise). I live up to the mad part of my name as I prefer the Yamaha neck to a strat neck. The set up from the UK retail shop is good and they let me noodle around with it through a shop amp for nearly an hour. Back home I've updated the software and I can now go hunting for other instrument profiles. So far I'm pleased with it.
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