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  1. That would be good wicker_man I have the sunburst but it is quite a dark burst and would look nice with this too. stevekc thank you for posting this info for folk in USA these do make a good addition to an all ready awesome instrument I did stay in your city a couple of years ago on a road trip down highway one it was very nice too Happy New year to all Bob
  2. It does work I used it for the first outing with the Dream Rig at a gig last Saturday but have ordered a VDI as others have said it will stand up more to the riggers of the road.
  3. Forgot to mention the part No for these is MH315: LOCKING TUNERS (3-a-side) and they are the second item as you scroll down the page. Oh and I have no affiliation with this company just wanted to share something that worked.
  4. Hi I was having problems changing strings on my JTV59 not through anything difficult but the fact I needed three hands to keep the tension on the ball end of the string in the bridge while I was tightening up the tuner inevitably something would let go but maybe that's just me being used to LP and strats the last fifty years. Anyway thought it would be great to put a set of locking tuners on the JTV that way I could hold the ball end at one end pull the string taught at the tuner end and nip it the capstan at the same time so I ordered locking tuners from these folk:- http://www.axetec.co.uk/guitar_parts_uk_036.htm the tuners fit in where the stock ones come out there was no filling and drilling or widening of head stock capstan holes all you need is a small Philips screwdriver preferably magnetized and a 10mm socket that's, it job done took me 30 minutes and now takes me about 20 seconds to change a string.
  5. I think it is a fair guess that most, though not all folk that post on here are from the USA and I think it would be a fair assumption that in the USA that Line 6 sales will be at least ten times more plus than the U.K judged by population alone. So with about ten times the rebates sent in maybe it is taking Line 6 staff a lot longer to get through the backlog. I guess what I am saying is don't judge my experience over in the U.K as typical to what you would expect over in the USA
  6. Thanks for this I will be programing my DR over Friday/Saturday for a gig on Saturday night for the first time so this could be very helpful
  7. In the UK I bought my JTV59 on the 5th December it arrived on the 8th I filled the rebate forms and sent them off I have an email telling me that the rebate will be paid into my Paypal account on 29th December so about 3 weeks in the UK
  8. Before I ordered my JTV59 I was not sure that I would like the modeling the shop I ordered from said if I did not like it they would arrange a pickup and money towards a Les Paul with e-Tune anyway the JTV arrived and plugged it in listened to the Magnetics pickups first they were very Les Paul like and then switched to the modeled LP and could hardly tell the difference I found the spank models a bit thin but the rest were fine I downloaded the bank that someone made on here that was more like V1.9 and thought they were better. Then curiosity got the better of me and decided to flash 1.9 into the JTV but this failed 3/4's through and left me with distorted low strings so I put back to factory default and did flash upgrade back to 2.10 and noticed afterwards that the spank models sounded a lot better especially the in-between sounds so maybe try and re flash your Variax. Anyway when I started playing slide with different tunings I was impressed and decided to go the whole way and got the DT25 and Pod 500x
  9. Well my toys have arrived and I managed to have a quick play on the DT25 hooked it up to my cab and I can see what you mean about the levels between amps. At first I thought the amp was not working when trying out the Fender amp then found out you need the gain up nearly 3/4 way and the chanel volume up a bit too but it does sound very nice. I tried the other 3 amps and was quite impressed. I only had an hour before I had to go to work so only had a chance to take the PODxt out of the box so have not played with it yet but have taken the pilots handbook for both into work so I can have a read but I might get in an hour on this tomorrow just to see if it is working if nothing else. Thanks, Bob
  10. Thank you for your kind reply Colonel Forbin this will help me set up quickly as I come off duty on boxing day at 7 in the morning and will probably sleep until 1 and I play on the 27th . I do have a few good quality XLR cables I can use and the only other kind I will be able to buy locally is DMX Cable and I am not sure how different these are to XLR or AES/EBU. I am a bit far away for the links you posted as I live in the Highlands of Scotland about 3650 miles from Chicago as the crow flies but a tour of some Chicago blues clubs is on my bucket list. I do have a cab it started out in life as a Fender Blues Deluxe combo but after the amp gave up the ghost for a second time I removed it and kept the remains as a cab I have put a vintage Taydon speaker in there which is rated at 50 watts RMS 8 ohm so should be ok if it does not sound good I might stick a Celestian G 12 H in it or part with money and get a line 6 cab. Thanks for the tips on global settings if I can get the 500x working I would be happy with 4 patches with 4 controllers on each patch I take it you can have more EFX than 4 but can assign 4 controllers to any of the EFX you want to turn off/on. I did not know about the output on the the DT25 being at mike level I have a recording set up when I get time I will have a play about with it and see how the pod sounds direct in with cab emulation should be a versatile set up. Thanks again for your excelent hints and tips
  11. Hi I purchased the JTV59 last week and was so impressed with the tones and especially the ability to use various open tuning's for slide etc that I have ordered a DT25 Head and 500X they have not arrived yet and I am on 13 hour night shift right through Christmas so when it does arrive in the next few days I will have about a day to set up before a gig. So now for the question just use preamps from the Pod hooking it up to the DT via XLR ? I won't be needing any fancy patches just good tones as I play mainly Blues and classic rock so if I havde 2 to 3 patches between BB King and Gary Moore and one for in between to start me or should I just take the amp at first one channel crunchy and the other with a bit more dirt?
  12. Thanks Joe, I could see the potential with the software and was indeed trying new guitar bodies and pups what I could not figure out was how to download them to the guitar which this clip omitted to show as well. Sometimes it is the simple things that are obvious to most folk but not all that trip us up. Anyway I have figured out how to save bundles banks and download single patches to the guitar which I now realize is what I did in the first instance when I tried to download a complete bank and wondered why all my tones had not gone across to the guitar.
  13. Thanks for this managed to download and update guitar I like these sounds a lot better than the presets
  14. Hi all just got my JTV59 last week and am pleased with it overall but would like to alter stuff using workbench. I am an old guy so maybe not up to much with modern tech and must be doing something wrong when using workbench I notice there are a few u tube videos showing what is capable using workbench but none showing you how to use it. I plugged the guitar in using the cables and interface supplied and went and altered the custom 1 bank I made a 335 on the neck a strat with the neck and middle pup with the tone rolled back and patch volume up for the middle pickup I wanted a Peter Green sound so loaded a les paul body 2 LP humbuckers and selected the pickups to be out of phase then loaded an other strat the same as above but with the bridge and middle pups and finally a LP on the bridge I renamed all the patches and checked them all again and when I was ready clicked on upload to variax then unplugged the usb/interface cable and the patches had not uploaded to the guitar so should I only upload one patch at a time once I have altered stuff. Question 2 I notice some folk on here like V 1.9 for the warmer strat tones which I would like to try (I am used to a deluxe strat with Texas specials) can I do this with workbench HD or do I need the old workbench and if I like the 2.1 Les Paul sounds and the 1.9 strat sounds is there a way to get them on the guitar. Sorry for the long winded questions Bob
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