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  1. you know if they charge a lot for the repair there in USA?
  2. I Hope you do not have to pay for it :S dont have warranty.
  3. Como hago para enviarla aqui en españa?
  4. This sucks, I have the same problem and no solution developers? I feel cheated and deceived.
  5. ----------------Actualizo----------------(como tarjeta de sonido conectado por USB), con Cubase 5 y windows 7, cada 4 o 5 minutos el ordenador deja de sonar. No sólo el Cubase, todo el sonido del ordenador (música, videos,...), y sólo eso, porque el bajo o la guitarra enchufada al POD seguía sonando. Para "arreglarlo" tengo que desconectar el usb del POD y volver a enchufarlo (para que Windows vuelva a reconocer el dispositivo de sonido), no me sirve vuelve a pasar de nuevo. Alguna solucion?
  6. English: I am very disappointed in Line 6, I have a POD X3 Live, I buy a good friend, so good, works perfectly. The problem is when I'm using my Gearbox and Cubase 5, all proper activation set, suddenly, the sound VST Addictive Drums speaker stops but the guitar still sounds, go to the Gearbox and when changing presets, tells me the following: 8000900C. It is very frustrating, I have to power cycle the device each time this occurs, I tried to connect on different ports, different USB cables and everything remains the same :@. Español: Estoy muy desilusionado con Line 6, Tengo un POD X3 Live, lo he comprado a un amigo, todo muy bien, funciona a la perfeccion. El problema es cuando estoy usando mi Gearbox y Cubase 5, todo corectamente configurado, de repente, se detiene el sonido VST de Addictive Drums de los altavoces pero la guitarra sigue sonando, Voy al Gearbox y al cambiar de presets, me dice lo siguiente: 8000900C. Es muy frustante, tengo que apagar y encender el aparato cada vez que ocurre esto, he probado a conectarlo en diferentes puertos, diferentes cables USB y todo sigue igual :@. Attach Files.
  7. Yes . No sound, but the indicator works perfectly.
  8. when play a song or run any sound, indicator needles move, all right, have fun, when I plug my headphones I hear nothing, what that hell?
  9. I've tried everything, now I realized that connecting the audio cable no sound, 2 hands move but heard nothing, I got connected to the headphone line
  10. It is very rare that only the audio output sounds, drums midi, vst instrument itself ...... but no signs, no signal, no sound ....... no sign of activity Audio. I rule out USB cable, jacks, tested on another computer ...... This is the settings on my computer:
  11. I've tried everything you mention it, I think this damaged
  12. I buy my POD UX2, I follow the instructions to install it (all right, and I've used other POD UX2 above) when I open cubase and add the audio track, no signal detected guitar works, only signal when streaming a song or choose a preset from midi drums, when I open the Gearbox or Pod Farm potentiometers do not work, no signal, as if you were dead. SO Windows 7 64Bits Any solution?
  13. Hi guys, sorry for this new post but I need to know who the artist is playing this song in explaining the POD HD Desktop Any Idea? Thx The song: http://line6.com/podhd/desktop/movies.html
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