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  1. That’s great thanks. Once I disabled that it stopped the presets changing patches on the JMP-P now using instant commands I can change the patches on the JMP via snapshot changes. Thanks again for your help :)
  2. Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone can help me please? I recently picked up a Marshall JMP-1 MIDI preamp and will be running it through one of the loops on my helix floor. The issue I’m having is regarding the helix controlling the preset/patch changes on the JMP via midi. At present when I change an preset on the Helix it will change the patch on the JMP, ie preset 000 on the helix calls up patch 00 on the JMP. My problem is that I use snapshots within a preset and want my snapshot to change the patches on the JMP (ie footswitch 8/snapshot 1 to call patch 1 on the JMP. footswitch 9/snapshot 2 to call patch 2 on the JMP and so on) and not the presets. I have gone into the command Center and tried to assign each footswitch with a midi prog/bank setting but to no avail. Any advice or help would be much appreciated
  3. Hi all I'm considering purchasing a Helix LT. I've read about the noticeable lag/drop in sound between preset changes so was thinking of going down the snapshot route to avoid this. I use the 4 cable method to utilise my Orange amps clean and dirty channels so my question is this, can Amp Control (EXT AMP Out) settings be stored in snapshots on the Helix LT? So for example Snapshot 1 activates the clean channel on my amp, snapshot 2 switches to the overdrive channel on my amp? Any info appreciated :)
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