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  1. I haven't used my UNO yet lol, still unopened - soon!
  2. I've listened! Purchased and put in inventory, just in case. Glad to see an engineer committed to the community, good job man.
  3. The general consensus from other posts in this forum recommend the M-Audio MIDISport UNO. I bought one but haven't gotten around to doing the firmware update yet.
  4. A Line6 engineer definitely recommends EH tubes only: http://line6.com/support/topic/25820-dt25-tube-brand/?do=findComment&comment=198956 I also found these: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/electro-harmonix-el84-matched-power-tubes/210092000118185?source=3TEM5KTBK http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/electro-harmonix-12ax7eh-preamp-tube?source=3TEM5KTBK
  5. Thanks for the deep advice! I will see what I can do. So far increasing the db on the return of the for FX Loop seems to give me the level boosts I need.
  6. After a week of studying everything about the POD that I can find (including MeAndBobbo's guide), I'm still a little confused with volume levels and how to do an initial volume leveling. I'm using the 4CM with a JVM 210H and am mostly using patches without amp modeling. The patches I'm building all seem to output at a lower volume than the amp can put out. I basically want to make sure I can get full volume from the amp head's two Master volume controls whenever I'm using any of my patches. Right now I'm using Master 1 for clean at ~60% and Master 2 for overdrive at ~40%. Master on the POD is set to Maximum. I had read that it's best to set the level to -8db (http://jvmforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=53222) for Channel A in the Mixer, and add a Studio EQ with Gain set to +12db. But I've also read about increasing the Return (or is it Send? I'm not connected at the moment and forget) on the FX Loop itself. Increasing the output on the FX Loop seems to work best, but I'm not sure if it is the best approach. It seems there are three options (FX Loop, channel and EQ) and I'm not sure if one or all should be used and how they should be dialed. My main goal for this weekend's gig is to get this setup perfected: Patch 1A: Maiden Rhythm [amp master vol 2 with overdrive] Patch 1B: Maiden Solo [amp master vol 2 with overdrive] (I would like this to be slightly louder) Patch 1C: "Modern" Maiden Rhythm (Somewhere in Time/Seventh Son) [amp master vol 2 with overdrive] Patch 1D: Clean [amp master vol 1, clean channel] Here are the tones that I've built - feedback is welcome! Maiden Rhythm: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/818496/ Maiden Solo: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/818498/ At the risk of asking multiple questions in the same post, here's two quick ones: Is there no way to include a single effect in the signal flow that can toggle the expression pedal between a volume pedal or wah using the toe switch? Having both pedals in a patch that needs several other effects quickly hits the 8 effect limit with an FX Loop in use (plus the standard Hard Gate and EQ) I can't get a Flanger effect to get any kind of swooshing, ala the intro to Number of the Beast (see my Maiden Rhythm tone above). What am I missing here??
  7. Glenn: Yup, it's on! Hollis1003: That did it! I overlooked the part in the manual about the FX Loop being needed in the tone. I assume that's mandatory?? Anyway I'll play around and I'm off to the races - thanks!
  8. I'm using the 4CM with my new POD HD 500X and Marshall JVM 210H. I've been studiously going over the manual, this forum and MeAmBobbo's guide but I'm still learning and have a specific problem: I cannot seem to get any of the tones output from the amp's overdrive and crunch channels, just the clean channel. When I switch to either of the former channels I can hear the guitar but with only hiss and no OD/crunch (almost like it's just the clean channel + hiss). Crunch/OD is fine when connecting the guitar direct without the POD. I'm testing with a blank tone and just experimenting with a delay or mod effect or two and turning the amp model on or off (Blackface Dbl Nrm), but still no crunch/OD - only clean. But I'm guessing at this point - perhaps I've indeed wired this up wrong: Guitar > Pod guitar in Pod effects loop out > Amp guitar in Amp effects loop out > Pod effects loop return Pod unbalanced out > Amp effects loop return I'm using the Stack Front Output Mode. What am I doing wrong?
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