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    Using Line 6 Amplifi with POD HD500x

    Old post. But anyway, the headphone out disables the speaker so the 4-cable method won’t work here. You can send HD500 to FRFR speakers thru aux input. But no Amplifi effects that way. Or just go into guitar in. But you probably know this already.
  2. Greetings, Long time Line 6 user. Gig with HD500 and DT25. Great combo, love it. I bought a usec Amplifi 75. Updated firmware via Mac and USB. App on iPad Pro works well. Customized a few tones. Having fun so far. Also so bought a used FBV Expres MK I (it was cheap, and I may upgrade to a shortboard eventually). But I have one key problem that I cannot find the answer to anywhere. How owe do I turn on the tuner with the FBV Express? I thought that I read that you press and hold any lit button. But that does nothing. Reminder - no USB on MK I, so y’all can skip the usual “update your firmware”. Thanks in in advance to anyone who can help me with this.
  3. shmockiebaby

    AMPLIFi 75 FBV Express - how to activate tuner?

    Scratch this. Returning the MK I and bought a used shortboard MK II. Problem solved, and I will be able to switch banks also.
  4. shmockiebaby

    AMPLIFi 75 FBV Express - how to activate tuner?

    Update - press and hold “tap” button on amp also activates tuner on fbv MK I. MK II manual says hold lit foot switch for 2 seconds - this does not work.
  5. I searched for Pocket Pod software for all OS. Skipped past all the stuff that did not apply, and paged down until I found the Vyzex for Windows XP, 7, & 8. Downloaded and installed this on my Windows 10 machine (Surface Pro 2). Works fine.