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  1. Thanks for your help, guys. Weird problem... tried all suggested fixes (different browser etc), to no avail. Tried different computer - and no problem. Thanks
  2. No, I still just get a blank screen. Have tried several times... always a blank screen.
  3. For some reason, when I click on the 'Advertising pull back' thread I just get a blank screen. However, I can read all other threads. This happened once before... some months ago, when there was a thread title that looked like it might be a little critical of Line 6. Again, all I got was a blank screen. Seems a bit curious.
  4. I'm not an expert... but I think people normally try to do the opposite... i.e. only have effects on the mains and use a dry signal on the monitors. I think there can be a tendency for singers to sing slightly out of tune if they have reverb on their monitor signal. Having compression on the monitor signal may also result in other issues as well.
  5. Cool. Didn't know that was possible. So are you simultaneously playing backing tracks on the media player... and then recording multi-track of each input channel and also recording the mediaplayer playback as well?
  6. Are you saying that you're playing back files from an SD card - and simultaneously recording onto an SD card? Didn't know this could be done (as there's only one SD card slot - I think). Interested to learn more about this.
  7. It's at the top of this page... but the link doesn't take you to 1.2... just 1.1
  8. Good point! You might want to change the description that's above your avatar/ photo... Don Boomer - Live Sound Applications Engineer & International Man of Mystery.
  9. Strange. There was a note at the top of the forum page... and it linked to a few paragraphs that explained the new features that were included in the new software (including some neat fader features... and some artist presets).
  10. Great review. Seems as though you like them! :) Congrats on your purchase.... glad it's going well.
  11. Dave, I seem to recall seeing other comparisons of various manufacturers' products on this forum. So I'd be surprised if there'd be any objection from Line 6 if you express your opinion on the relative merits of various products - based on your assessment of how the products meet your specific requirements. That said... of course I can't speak for Line 6.
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