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  1. You are saying that a STRAT neck fit in the pocket just fine? Or do you mean a TELE neck? Because the Strat neck is radiused all along the heel, and will not sit square in the pocket. A Tele neck, however, is flat at the end (with radiused corners) and would (I'm speculating here, but the dimensions are the same) fit square in. So do you mean you tried a Tele neck, or did you try a Strat neck?
  2. Or you could get a used Amplifi 75---they're going for a not bad price, often under $300. Create an Amplifi preset with "No Amp," "No Cab," and no effects, and save it as a FRFR. The Amplifi behaves nicely as a FRFR amp, though it may not be a true FRFR---it's pretty close, with no amp or cab. And you can run the Helix into the amp input. I use this FRFR setup with Bias Amp, Pod HD500, and Helix. It's nice.
  3. Okay, now I've learned that having the G10 receiver in my house (I don't know how far the problem goes, probably anywhere in the vicinity) cuts off my WiFi connection. I have to restart my router to reconnect any device--PC, phone, tablet, Apple TV--that connects by wifi, and I have to restart the router for EACH ONE to make its connection. I've seen that other G wireless numbers have the same problem. Okay, Line 6--what do I need to do to keep my WiFi and G10 from conflicting? And a larger issue---does this mean that everywhere I go with my G10, WiFi connections are at risk? I go to a friend's house, set up my G10, and trash their WiFi connection? Play at a bar that has WiFi, set up my G10, and trash the bar's WiFi connection? I see a real problem here.
  4. Er... what? Are you saying that if one is plugging in a VDI cable---say, to run to a Helix, or POD HD500---I need to remove the battery box from my Variax 500? If so, that might merit a mention in the manual and maybe a service alert to owners. It's sure not in the currently available Pilot's Guide for the Variax 500/700.
  5. You know why I bought the first Variax (the 500) in 2005? Because I wanted all those guitars, and I didn't want to buy a lot of electric guitars. It worked, pretty much. When I bought the Variax, I had a Strat (1986 purchase) and a Tele (2003 or 2004 purchase), and a Takamine dreadnought acoustic. The Variax let me have the 25 or so guitars in it, and the models are for the most part excellent. I did not buy any more electric guitars until I bought a JTV-89 last year. I sold the Tele a few years ago. So I find the Variax to satisfy my guitar acquisition syndrome. You can tell your wife that a bunch of us here testify in your defense---it didn't ignite, in fact it doused, electric guitar acquisition syndrome for us. If only I played only electric guitar... But I don't. So I also own three acoustic guitars (6, 12, travel), two basses (in two different locations), and a couple ukuleles. But you know, all those are strictly necessary as they do things that the Variax can't. That's inarguable, no? :)
  6. Just did. Nope. "Helix not connected." It's not looking for an Amplifi, I guess.
  7. I think we may be barking up the wrong tree, replacement neck-wise. The pocket of the Variax Standard shares the Telecaster's neck pocket dimension, not the Stratocaster's. At least, according to Warmoth's website, it's their Telecaster pocket dimensions. So I'm wondering if a Tele neck might fit the Standard. I don't have a Telecaster neck laying around. (Oddly enough, I do have a Strat replacement laying around. Go figure.) But from my measurements of the pocket/heel on the Standard, it's the same as Warmoth's Tele (which should be same as Fender's). Anyone have a Telecaster neck around and a mind to perform some surgery? Or some non-invasive comparisons?
  8. I went to a GuitarCenter in Orlando today specifically to look at a Variax Standard. (Not many stores keep them in stock.) The one the store had was marked down from $799 to $699. It was also hanging right next to a Yamaha Pacifica. The bodies are the same--identical. The necks are the same except for the headstock shape and a little rounder edge at the heel on the Variax. The tuner posts were attached a little differently--smaller bolts around the posts on the Pacifica than the Variax. The truss rod cover is identical. The construction and feel of the neck, body, all were the same on both guitars. It was easy to see that the Standard is a Pacifica body and neck with the Variax computer inside. The Pacifica was priced at $179. So they value the Variax hardware and brand at $620 in price, on top of the $179 for the Pacifica.
  9. Well, I play guitar often in a room that measures 11' x 11'. A 25' cable is just a lot of in the way. So I built a couple 8' cables, a 15' cable, and another 10' cable. I have whatever length I need, and it works fantastically and each came in under $10.
  10. I've built four VDI cables using instrument-quality Ethernet cable. Got it online. Used Neutrik ends. Just break the tab off the RJ-45 connector. I like the braided cable, though... might add a new couple of cables. With 30 feet, I could make a 10' and 20' cable.
  11. Thanks a ton for that. I wondered whether the Standard's headstock was parallel to the neck or tilted (like the JTV-89 and -59). I have Tronical on my Stratocaster and on my Taylor acoustic. I'm a huge fan. I love how fast and accurate it is, and the multiple tuning versatility. Thanks for posting on this.
  12. Does Helix support model forcing with a Variax 500? Does it support anything with a Variax 500? (I suppose at a minimum it will power it.)
  13. Yeah, I've built a few (wanted a shorter Variax cable for my small music room). I broke off the tabs.
  14. Here's what I am thinking of trying (sometimes) with my Helix and G10: Plug the guitar into the Helix by cable, and then the G10 transmitter into the 1/4" output of the Helix. Then plug the receiver into my amp. That way I can have my amp and Helix disconnected, and I can put the amp anywhere. Sure, I'll still be tethered to the Helix, but still mobile with the amp. And when using my Variax, I can be powered by Helix. I actually just used a similar method with my Variax 500: Plugged Variax into the power supply, and instead of cable from power supply to amp, I put the G10 transmitter into the output of the power supply, and the receiver on my amp. The amp was not convenient to cable to the power supply, so it was a good setup. Worked nicely. Of course, maybe the Helix's output from the 1/4", carrying with it all the effects, will be too much to send by G10T. And I have to get my Helix working---it arrived with inputs not working. Back to Line 6 with it... I'll get a chance to try it in probably about a month, I'm guessing.
  15. Do the factory reset procedure and see if it brings it back to functionality. "Hold Master Volume knob and Tone button as you power up the unit, keep holding them both down until you see the LED's around the Master Volume knob light up." If it brings back functionality, good. That worked when my amp kept starting up in Failed Update mode.
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