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  1. I concur with your findings. Mine was plinking on the low E as wel. A heavier gauge definitely helped. I tried a 52 and the plink was gone. I'll try a 48 next as you suggested. Only thing is cost it's already a baritone scale so it'll just increase the tension with every increase in gauge. I'm in half kind to replace the piezo with graphtech ghosts. Will probably explore that and report back.
  2. I have a Shuriken as well. My plink is observed on the 6th string low E. I guess it's a common problem with all variax's. With a change of strings to .52, it has eliminated the problem. But a bariton scale and a .52, you would have to tune low and compensate using the software. Not too keen but that's the solution I guess. I'm keen to swap out the exisiti g piezos with graphtech ghost piezos to try and see if the problem is with the piezos.
  3. "Palm muting is not quite sounding perfect but good enough. " yup, i got my Shuriken. Plink is there on the low E, very pronounced on those models that were discussed so much and it's same old thing. Wanted to give this a chance but it's there. Contacted Stevic and he very kindly replied he does not experience any of this on those Shurikens he tried. So hit or miss thing i would say. But i'm convinced it's a hardware thing ie. on the piezo.
  4. Ok i'm a new owner of a Variax Shuriken...'happy' to report and join this discussion that plink on low E string is absolutely there just as with the models before.
  5. Anyone has any idea how I can change the default volumes, both Master and Guitar, when I turn it on? Thanks for any help!
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