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  1. bjcasillas

    Pod Farm 1.12 And Garageband 10

    Ahh. That may be it. Thanks for the enlightenment. I hope Line 6 releases a patch or - - or just eff it. I'll just get Pod Farm 2.
  2. bjcasillas

    Pod Farm 1.12 And Garageband 10

    I'm using a Pod X3. And I just used the License Manager to confirm that it is authorized.
  3. Hey interweb. I recently updated Garageband, and now Pod Farm doesn't work. The old Pod Farm that's free, cause I'm cheap and it's been working great for me anyway. Anyway, when I first open up Garageband it tells me that the Pod Farm plug-in isn't available on my system. But it is, it's - it's right there. So then, when I open up the AU list, I can see that the Pod Farm options are there, but when I go to open them I get this error: "Failed to load Audio Unit, please contact the manufacturer for an updated version or further assistance. (-10110)" So. Will there be an update to Pod Farm 1.12 for Mavericks and Garageband 10 compatibility? Or am I now finally forced to get Pod Farm 2?