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  1. Its pretty ridiculous, and doesn't reflect well on the Line 6 programmers.
  2. FYI: Ad-Block takes care of that Black Bar...
  3. Perfect, thanks for the response. I do have a Behringer Direct Box, would that work between the Amp Head Out and the Helix? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GI100
  4. Hi All: I want to use an Amp Head with the Helix, and use the effects in the Helix in the Amp Head effects loop, and then use the cab IR in the Helix, like so: Guitar into Helix Helix Send1 into Front of Amp Head Helix Return 1 from Amp Head Effects loop SEND Helix Send 2 into Amp Head Effects RETURN Helix Return 2 from Amp Head Output (Speaker Out) Any problem using the amp head this way (without load box)? I wouldn't need a 1/4" 'speaker cable' back into the Helix from the Amp Head's output, just a regular 1/4", correct?
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