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  1. If you are creating patches in Helix Native and wanting to put them on a Helix unit - you can't assign switches in Native - but you can in Edit - but it's useful for example to be able to create a patch - assign switches and have it so when I open it on my laptop to load to HX floor unit - I then don't have to assign the switches to the effects .... So for example - my Stomp is sat on the floor in the studio - and I am at home editing my sounds before I go in tomorrow - using native ... but will have further work to do when I arrive at the studio tomorrow - where they charge me by the minute - when I could do it at home on EDIT if it would let me work offline. For Free. We used to do this using Gearbox on old Pod setups.
  2. I have been trying out HelixNative demo - and I like it - I have been using Line6 Gear since the POD first came out and find it's great for live - and recording I have noticed if I own software I get a discount - nice ... And if I own Helix hardware I get a huge discount ... But If I buy Helix Native - without owning Helix Hardware - could I get a similar discount when I buy hardware ... Just doing a load of recording which will have to be taken live - and so I will need to recreate recorded sounds live - which either means using a Mainstage type setup - or getting Helix Hardware ... Anyone else thinking this ? Oh - and thinking that with Helix - I could get rid of a whole load of old Line 6 gear to finance Helix M
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