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  1. Not the case for me. I'm in 2.71 and have 2.71 Helix edit and the list just started showing up empty. I was hoping to update to 2.80 but I need to figure out which patches have which IR's without sitting at the unit and look at each one and write it down. Wish Line 6 software would run more uniformly than it does. I should be able to back up all my patches, IR's in one step then update the firmware and go from there. Firmware 2.71 I had to spend a week reloading my patches and linking my patches to the correct IR. I can see why my lead guitarist bought a Kemper unit. I'm stuck with Line 6 with my Variax and my two Power Cab Plus cabinets.
  2. Ryte

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Ok really stupid question. I was trying to do the update tonight before a show rehearsal this Sunday. I'm trying to follow the part where it says to back up everything. I want to make sure to back up my all my patches, set list and all my IR's. Last patch I didn't get backup correctly and had to reload all my IR's in the correct position. The instructions say: From the top File menu, select “Create Backup…” Click “Create Backup.” I'm on Helix edit 2.71 (with a Windows 7 machine) under the file at the top I have only have "Preferences and Quit": So where is the magic backup they are talking about? Bundle doesn't back up the IR's that I have seen. Thank you so much any help would be appreciated. Scott....
  3. The Alt+click on the tuning worked nice and fast. What a pain to have to do it that way compared to the old way of just setting the tunings per snapshot. Thanks Scott.....
  4. I wish they would update the manuals to reflect the current firmware. Is this what you are referring too?
  5. Thanks! Ok, then my next stupid question is how to I set their controller to snapshot. Before I just would set what each strings tunning I wanted and that saved it to the snapshot.
  6. Things were working great before I updated my unit to 2.54 a few months ago. I thought I could figure it out but I'm not seeing the settings I thought I needed to set to allow me to have different tuning per snapshot with my Variax. I'm also not seeing anything on the forum that address this. The patches I had setup like that before the firmware update worked great, but not after the update. It will allow me to only have one tuning per preset. I've tried the global vs the preset thinking I had it wrong. But when I change the tunning in one snapshot it changes it all the snapshots in the patch. I was using it for example in Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way, to switch between the open tuning for the slid part then the normal tuning for the talk box part. I finally figured this weekend I was going to spend the time and figure this out so I can get back to play that song as well as others I switch tunings on. I know I could create different patches for each but that was one of the big reasons I went with the Helix and got away from my POD HD500x. I wish they would of left the settings alone. Thanks Scott...
  7. Jandrio, your a lifesaver. I was about to type up my list in an Excel spreadsheet today, till I saw your post. The sad part is why doesn't Line 6 have this as part of their software? I'm always having to bounce around with my patches when the band doesn't play songs in order. This way I can a bit more quickly find my patch! It works for the HD500X bundles as well. I just changed the file extension.
  8. I keep getting taken to http://preview.line6.com/customtone/tone/deliver/224638/ The number changes depending on the tone I'm trying to download. But it does it both in Google Chrome & IE 11 on a 64 bit windows 7 machine. The links work well for a while then they will stop. I've tried refreshing and sometimes that works. If I take the preview. off the link it works. I looked through the code and saw this: <a href="http://preview.line6.com/customtone/search/?submitted=1&family=podhd500&search_term=beatles" class="active">United States</a> depending on the country. It's really getting to be a pain to get tones for my new Pod 500 HDX. It's been a while since I got tones off the site for my last pod 500 HD Pro and the site worked great then. Scott..
  9. Yeah I've had to send my unit in again last week was doing the same thing. This is the third time I've had it happen. First time was less than two months after I bought it. Then three months ago it did it again right before a show I was supposed to (same weekend my Variax JTV-59 also broke). It has to be something in the main board, because each time that's what they replace. Not sure what I'm going to do next year when the extended warranty is over. The Pod X3 Pro did the same thing, was hoping they would finally get some better quality but doesn't look like it. Wish it was so handy to use compared to using so many pedal boxes. Scott...
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