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  1. Seems like Line 6 could add the capability to run an additional 6 blocks on the second path (Path 1B). If this happens I would buy an HX Stomp in a heartbeat! Make it happen Line 6!
  2. The Helix also works well plugged into the effects return of a Roland JC-120. Stereo operation is achieved and the Helix makes the JC-120 a limitless tone monster!
  3. Because your Altos have two separate inputs, connect your Helix left and right into input one on each speaker and the left and right from your mp3 source to input two on each speaker. I’m using a Helix LT and an iPad with my music collection loaded on it running into two Alto Troupers in this way and it sounds superb and you have control over the levels of each device via the speakers input level controls.
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