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  1. Brianhavrilla

    HX effects noise with amp gain

    I had the same issue when I first got my HX Effects. I was running it through my computer in Bias Amp 2 and was getting a ton of noise on any channel that had gain. I had to push the noise gate up really high to get the noise to stop. I then took it to practice and used it through my Bias Rack. There was no problem, absolutely no extra noise through the HX effects unit. My amp is way higher gain than the desktop version and I didn't have the noise gate cranked. The only difference was all of my practice rig is powered through a Furman power conditioner. At home on my desktop setup I was running everything through cheap power strips. I replaced the cheap power strips with a Monster Power strip that has power filtration and the noise was gone. I think the unit is sensitive to "dirty" power and will have a ton of noise unless there is a filtrated or conditioned power source powering it and possibly equipment connected to it. Hope this helps everyone with the issue.
  2. Brianhavrilla

    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    Hi everyone, I have a Vetta 2 head and as all of you have found Line 6 is completely unhelpful when it comes to any firmware updates or reflashes. So this is what my amp is doing andy help, comments, or suggestions are extremely helpful. It turns on fine, it makes sound (although it doesn't sound completely right since this has started) but none of the patches are editable and I can't switch the screen with the scroll wheel to get to the "soft reset" option. When I push the "edit" button to edit a preset the screen blinks to the edit screen then goes back to the preset screen. I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with the firmware and want to reflash the amp but I can't get the firmware and can't edit any tones. Kinda defeats the purpose of the amp. As I said before any help, suggestions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks,