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  1. Is there a way to do a HARD factory reset? Like to the original firmware or something? "Factory Reset" only restores original presets and not firmware.
  2. I think that's my last resort. I'm ok with a factory reset. I don't know what else to do because if i can't connect to the dang thing, how will i ever update or revert to previous firmware?
  3. On a Mac i deleted the original Updater and HX Edit and even tried just the 2.8 firmware and nothing. no connectivity.
  4. yeah, I even tried different computers
  5. I bought my Helix used. it updated to 2.8.2 just fine. then the next day I go to load some IRs and my MacBook isn’t detecting any Helix on either the system report, Line 6 Updater, or HX Edit. i already opened a ticket, but has anyone else experienced a sudden death of the USB? Everything else works fine.
  6. coming from the BigSky, there's still a lot left to be done about the HX reverbs. I have only really used Ganymede and Glitz because everything else sounds a little finicky/taylored to very specific sound. And in order for me to get the Wet signal balanced with the Dry, i've had to do Mix @ 65% and boost the overall signal +6dB.
  7. So i LOVE the tones i'm getting from my Helix, but when a friend came over and i played his pedalboard fit with all the Tone God pedals.... i want them back! i want them all back! i miss my El Cap, I miss my King Of Tone! So how about Line 6 make a Helix Amp Only pedal? It could be half the size of the HX Effects (heck, even inter lock with it or something) and just do Amp Modeling, IRs, and maybe ONE effect.
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