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  1. Ok, I have just understood => Update done ! Thanks for your help !
  2. Hello, I have done the update of my Helix Floor via HX Edit and all worked fine. Unfortunately, my Helix Native plug-in is still stuck at Version 1.81. Have I done it wrong ? (Sorry for my poor English, i'm French)
  3. Hello all, I'm searching for a model for a Marshall Guv'nor pedal in Helix. I have played on it years ago in studio (Gary-moore-fan-club-period) in front of an old JTM45 and i wish to find an equivalence in my helix Jcm 800 with clean-boost, TS808 ? Thanks (English is not my mother tongue, but i do my best)
  4. As promised, i have just done the test (since my wha switch has been repaired) Unfortunately, it did not work in fx-loop but only beetween the guitar and the main input of the helix. I think Fx-loop (or send-receive) is "buffered" or the digital/analogic conversion kill the possibility of doing seagull effect in that case So i think it will not be possible to do it with a digitaly-linked Variax.
  5. Unfortunately, i have sold my variax years ago, so i can not test this solution for you. I really think it is not possible to do the "seagull" without 100% analogic gear.... I have done some experiences proving it's not possible while using only headphones.... even with a real wha and a real passive pickups with real amplifier.... I am a Gilmour fan since 25 years and since 25 years i have not found someone cleanly explaining me why a "top-down-wha" sound like this..... It is a really "physic" phenomena (maybe between mics, speakers and induction...) So with a digital gear... If your variax is a JT model with "real" pickups it may works with an analogic cable... Please note i have tested with an axe equipped with EMG active pickups and the effect is still there but with less "control" (it sound more than a "larsen", or an "uncontrolled feedback" (still usable but in my opinion, very hard to manage in a gig) If you are patient, i could try my wha in fx-loop to be sure but my pedal'is down (not cause of this experience but because a broken pot from a 15 years pedal) Tonbe continued.
  6. English is not my mother tongue. Can you explain me what is VDI ??
  7. I have tried the "seagull effect" a few month ago, it works well when plugged between guitar and the main input (guitar -> wha out / wha in -> helix) but i remember it did not worked in the FX loop, (but in fact i'm not really sure). By the way, my pedalboard has not exploded ;) My wha model is GCB95 Dunlop (Classic Wha); Remember it will not work with "exotic wha" like Morley models.
  8. i got it on the 22 of July 2016.
  9. Helix in repair my black strat feel sad....

  10. Unfortunately, i will not be able to do more experiences about this issue. My Helix joystick has just died..... no more click or rotate capabilities.... only up/down/lef/right. I have just put it at the service center.... Three or more weeks of waiting.... i have a gig planned on 12/9/2016.... Very disappointed (still Line6 addict but very very very sad about all this issues...)
  11. I have just "received" the result of my experience. At this time, it seems the volume drop issue appear on Exp1 assignation. I have tried to invert exp1 and exp2 assignation to confirm. To be continued.
  12. I agree with you. It have been a long time i have read some post about this issue. Nothing has been done, no communication about this IMPORTANT issue (specialy in "gig" situation....) If it don't really matter in rehearsal, I don'´t want to loose my signal during a real live gig... 1500$ hardware should be a proof of quality. i must add in the fx loop of my Helix an Ernie ball analogic volume pedal in order to be sure keeping my signal chain without volume drop !!! It is not a good solution : Helix should be "all sound in one box" at this price. (English is not my mother tongue, i do my best..)
  13. Hello, Exactly the same issue for me. It happens few minutes after powering the Helix, and, for me, just on time until you switch off. I have created a patch with 3 volume block, each one on a different expression pedal (1,2 and 3) I have shutdow an powered on again. I am waiting for the bug to appear and to see if this on a particular pedal or not. It may help.
  14. Thanks for your help, I will open a ticket as soon as possible. May it help someones.
  15. @Triryche, thanks for your answer, As explained in another topic, I'm from France, so i don't think i will be really understandable at phone for this very precise issue if I call Line 6 .... (My english language is very, very poor). But I really want to help to solve this issue (i have seen some topics on the net from people who are interested for using Amplify 150 as a FRFR monitor for small gigs or at just at home, but don't need the "full power" of a firehawk 1500. it seems thats some of them will get this kind of issue with "flat & empty" preset at power ON Is there an other way to open a ticket ? Thanks,
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