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  1. Hi saw your post and I've been using the G75 and TB516G transmitters for a few years now. The set up usually works pretty well but last weekend I did start getting drop outs again. I went looking for firmware updates and there hasnt been anything since 2015. Are you happy now with the G50 ? Any dropouts with that system ?
  2. Got some drop out this weekend and was figuring I was way behind on firmware updates. Downloaded the update app and level referenced in the updater was 1.03 from 2015 which is what I have. Have there been no updates do this firmware in 5 years ? (I am running OS X Mojave 10.14.3) Thanks, Jeff
  3. Say do these things keep drawing power even after the light goes off ? It seems to me that they do although I havent tried any upgrades on it in a while. THanks
  4. I'm completely upgraded to the latest level, have 3 transmitters and one G75 receiver. This last weekend I also had a few very quick dropouts on only one of the 3 guitars I am using.. I was about 4 feet from the G75 with no obstructions.. I think they still have a few bugs to work out. Most of the time its fine though..
  5. Hello - just got my G75 and 3 transmitters and so far so good (at home) .. Have my first gig with it soon and I was just wondering about if I get intereference with others at the gig.. If I go into autoscan on the G75 does it matter if my transmitters are on or does it just find open channels and then I set my 3 transmitters to the channels that the receiver finds open ? THANKS ! Jeff
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