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  1. viola

    Thank you Line6

    Thank you very much. ! A great help in these real difficult days.
  2. As big fan of Ritchie Blackmore, I suggest: 1) Marshall Major 200 (amp ) 2) Hornby Skues treble booster ( both germanium and silicium options) 3) Aiwa TP10-11 preamp (mic stage) he use to "boost" the front end of his amps…….
  3. viola


    ...listen to what says John Mayer about here: htpps://www.musicradar.com/news/john-mayer-says-amp-modelling-is-close-but-not-quite-perfect-yet
  4. VGK17 why you reacted ( -) to my post ? I really don' t understand……. I have only express my personal opinion…..or this is the "only happiness things about Helix" forum ? I' m a professional musician in Italy from 30 years and my thought is that this update is not enough safe for my work. If Line 6 wants its products run by professionals, must give professional products. If not, best NOT HAVE free updates.That' s all. Yes, you can put another (- ) to my post…...I' ll go out from this forum. It' s not for me.
  5. Absolutely true ! This is another undebatable fact: many problems coming from NOT FOLLOW CORRECT INSTRUCTIONS..... But I think the most of guitar player people, a guitar player as me (50 y.o), isn't YET ready to become a "computer guy" ….! In the next future, these two "souls" will go happily together, but until then, the "gap" between them still remains.
  6. It is unacceptable that so much Helix owners have any sort of problems with this 2.80 update. When you offer an update - no matter it' s free or not - you MUST to give " easy life" to the customers, especially to the ones that have a professional use of Helix. This update isn' t an easy update. This is a real fact. My will was to update from 2.71, but now I' m on tour with my band and I' m afraid to do it. Perhaps all goes fine, but……………….who knows ? I have not time to resolve problems...I only have to play….it's my job ! Yes, I know I can return to the 2.71, but why proceding to install the new software thinking at that ? It' s a totally wrong approach…... Before, I do any previous update without any issues, but really only about few people have had problems. This time, there are too many players that meet bugs or issues …… Perhaps the bugs are only in my brain, but I'll update only at the end of the tour….. I admit: I' m not totally happy…….I think Line 6 can do much, much better ! Sorry for my bad english...
  7. I agree with you cruisinon2... It' s faster do myself the update and check it than waiting for the answer !!! But after a careful reading of new features in 2.80 update, I have noticed that the only modification in the "Amp Switch" via Command Center is the add of a "momentary" latch in the switch that remains a "mechanical" switch (on/off), while to open/close relays is needed an "electronic" switch…. My english is bad..I guess you'll understand….!
  8. Hi, before I' m going to update my Helix to 2.80, I would ask someone of the most "guru" of this forum, if now , with the modified features in " Command Center " it' s possible to change channels in amps as Marshall Vintage Modern or YJM which use a "relay" and not a regular "switch". If not, I probably stay with 2.71....no need other update 'cause I use Helix most as "ambient effects" in 4 cable method. And the 2.80 hasn't new modulation or ambient effects….. Thank you!
  9. Hi, I' ve tried several times to switch in "dinamic range" my Marshall Vintage Modern by "Ext Amp" on Helix. No combination is able to switch it. I use 4CM. I' ve heard that' s impossible to switching, because VM use a relay and Helix "Ext Amp" not has relay. Is it correct ? If yes, any suggestions to solve this problem? This amp hasn't MIDI controls… Anyway, "Ext Amp" feature it's not a "great work" ….many modern amps use footswitch relay and all of them are unswitchable by Helix.
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