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  1. Hi "The metallikid" Yeah thinking about the times it has happened, it probably relates to having the momentary switch pressed for a longer period of time. Will investigate that tomorrow cheers
  2. Cheers I will investigate more and get onto Line 6
  3. Cheers for your comment DunedinDragon. I am aware that if I have a momentary switch pressed as I change snapshots it reverses the momentary switch state until I press the snapshot again to correct it. I can live with this bug because I know what causes it. I am therefore very particular on being accurate with foot presses as I am quite static while playing. Changing modes does not rectify the patches along the bottom scribble strip. The only remedy is restart. I will however try changing the button to see if some problems are alleviated. Cheers again
  4. I am running 2.82 but I am starting to have concerns with the reliability. I have 4 snapshot 4 stomp setup At present 2 main things happens most gigs. 1. I have a Momentary switch setup to turn `Deranged Master` on and off for quick volume and thickness boost. Switch engaged turns pedal on. 3 things happen. a) Sometimes, maybe once or twice a gig the scribble strip inverts to fully white after I release the switch. b) Again a few times a night the momentary switch function inverts, the scribble strip is normal and the switch ring light turns on. (switch engaged changes to off, Switch up is on). I think this was a reported bug that had been sorted in 2.82. Pressing the Snapshot button resets it to normal function. c) Sometimes the volume increase does not return to normal after I have used the momentary switch, meaning the volume stays louder than it was even though the Deranged Master is off. This again is reset by pressing snapshot button. These seem minor niggles but cause me no end of grief as I cannot rely on the sound changes I have created during a gig. 2. Sometimes the preset names end up where the stomp box names are (Bottom Row) and the top row (normally snapshots) disappears and goes black. This is a nightmare during a song a not only do I loose snapshot control but also stomp box control. At present the only way (in panic during song break) to rectify this problom is to stop the set until I turn the unit off and back on. The patch loads correctly and the snapshot - Stomp setup returns. I am beginning to loose faith. I was an early adopter, I also use Firehawk 1500 as monitor amp and Variax. I am completely invested in Line 6 but now worry every gig. Any one have similar problems Cheers Paul
  5. there's a weird initial clamping of the volume when the setting is on Stereo. It does NOT show up in the other two settings - when on Mono, it sounds great. When in Stereo Wide it sounds great. BUT - when in Stereo, I play a staccato chunk 16th note pattern, and the first note comes through loud and clear, while subsequent notes become audibly squashed - almost like a limiter has kicked in. It's extremely noticeable, and unusable. It's not even tamed by adjusting the level knob on the XLR Ins on the FH1500. VERY weird, and it makes the only two good choices either Mono or Stereo Wide. The XLR Out level on the Helix is set to Line (I hadn't adjusted that to try to temper the clamping). The overall level difference on the FH1500 (when used strictly as an FRFR via the XLR Ins) using the Stereo setting is definitely lower than the Mono setting, and lower than the Stereo Wide setting. That weird clamping (maybe 500mS into the sound) on the attack of the signal while in Stereo mode is incredibly distracting. I have just purchased Helix, Firehawk 1500 and JTV variax. I have the same issue of compression or limiting on the monitor inputs. This reduces the overall volume on stage to the extent where I am running at full volume with the apm leaning on its backstand and approx 2m away from me. Surely Line 6 should know the best way to connect the Helix and Firehawk to use all speakers as a pure WDW system. I am quite new to the digital side and fancy setups so maybe I am missing something. Cheers Paul
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