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  1. I purchased got the GX and the POD Farm. Maybe the 'big brothers' of the GX (such as UX***) got the Gain control on their software POD Farm views. Note to answerers: Rockbuster1 is not amireldor though we are both n00bs on the forums and have the same avatar :)
  2. The GX input is an Insturment Hi-Z input, isn't it? That is, the preamp's output won't match as it's usually line-level, or am I wrong?
  3. Hello, I own an old Toneport GX (with the red color) and POD Farm 2. I haven't tried yet as I did not solder the right cable but, will I have proper input levels when connecting a dynamic mic? There's no gain button on the GX and no visible input gain button in POD Farm :( .
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