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  1. Sweetwater matched the 799 price before rebate for the Olympic White JTV69S on the scratch and dent model. Which by the way didn't have a scratch or a dent.
  2. Pic of the 69S I got today. Non issue here. Don't know it's common anymore on the later model years. Serial no. starts with 13 on this one.
  3. Bought one of the Olympic White JTV69S (scratch and dent) from Sweetwater today . Should arrive Friday. Good price with the rebate. Couldn't tell any defects in the photos so fingers crossed.
  4. If you don't need the phone I would choose the ipad, just for more screen real estate.
  5. joec63

    I Am In Love...

    That's funny that you pulled up Cliffs. :) I've been jamming that one and SRV since I got it last weekend. I'm using the tone "Cliffs of Dover" with the Solo Head instead of the plexi. Just turned the Presence all the way down, Treble to about half, and backed the gain off a little. Think it's sounds closer to the track. IMO anyway. Enjoy your Amplifi!
  6. Pretty sure the name is a play on words like Amplifier and HI Fi , like in Hi Fi Stereo. So saying they struggled with coming up with a name is a stretch. And oh yeah. screw Google! Do no evil my eye. carry on :)
  7. I would hope it's for the PC/App interface. iOS only is for the birds. While I like my 150 I want to see some PC connection
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