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  1. FYI, The M13 sends the same cc or pc messages (depending on the scene mode) that it receives. So when I plugged a MIDI cable from M13 to my DT25, I can only send those messages predefined in M13. It gets worse, as you select/deselect effects, you are sending MIDI messages that will do stuff you don't want on your DT25... So the solution I found was to purchase a MIDI Event Processor Plus. I was able to map and filter the messages I want (and don't want). I mainly use it for changing channels and a drive or volume boost. But you can actually do much more like changing the amp models, topology, etc, on the fly. Hope that helps.
  2. Hello, I have an old Toneport UX1, which i didn't use for a few years, but now I need to use it again to practice at home. I used to run it on windows, with Gearbox and mainly Pod Farm. Now I have a mac with El Capitan, and I couldn't install Pod Farm 1.12. I don't know if it's not up to date with the OS, I could install Pod Farm 2 though... But it's kind of useless cause I don't own a licence for that. I do own the Metal Pack... I just want to use any software thaw allows me to still use the Toneport. Any help? Thanks.
  3. I had the hd500 and I could set the midi cc message and value. I was able to change channels on the dt25. With the M13 I only see midi channel selection, no value... I have no ideia how would you set it to send the cc message with the value...
  4. Can the M13 switch DT25 channels via MIDI?
  5. Can the M13 switch DT25 channels via MIDI?
  6. It happened the same to me this weekend. I guess it's a bad tube...
  7. Hi!! I own a DT25 head. Regarding channel switching, we only need one switch footswitch to change from A to B channel right? I was considering buying a Carl Martin Octa Switch Mk2, and the idea would be to turn on and off my pedals and switch channels on the DT, depending on the patch. Can I switch channel to a specific channel with the DT? Like the first four, use channel A and the last, channel, B? So even if I pressed the first switch repeatedly it would stay in channel A...? Get the idea? I don't know if this is possible. I'm referring the Carl Martin but we could be talking about any footswitch with 2 at least 2 switches. Thanks.
  8. You don't need the 4cm to try this, just plug your guitar directly to your amp.Does it sound better? Does it feel better? I guess that would answer your question :) In my case, I prefer the sound of the amp and I'm going 4cm all the way, but I'm in the minority side.
  9. I think this update is really nice, but I junt don't understand how you select the amp models, with the amps buttons :) Is there any manual or video about the new functionalities?
  10. Brazzy, with the hd500 you can only send one cc message at a time, wich gets kind of limited, but that's maybe what i'm going for, using the 4 cable method... For those that don't have a pod, with the new firmware, how do you select 30 different amps on the amp?
  11. Ok, old doubt: When I first bought DT25, I was blown away by the sound and feel of the amp itself. I love every topology (still running on the first firmware). But I was used to the "one button changes it all" from the spider valve, so I bought the HD500. I never could get the feel I had with the amp alone using the hd500. But I ended up using it with L6 link anyway. Years went by. Yesterday I plugged the guitar straight to the amp alone, and damn.... It's f.... amazing!! I know everybody says it sounds the same, and maybe it does, but that feel and response I get from the amp alone it's just not there, so I'm considering using the amp as a 2 channel amp and use the pod hd500 only as an effects unit. I just wanted to know if there's anybody who can relate to this. New doubt: I still didn't update the firmware, from the DT25. I'm considering doing it but I'm affraid of losing those great 4 sounds I get from the amp now. How do the amp models compare to the old ones? And what about the new amp models? Thank you very much.
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