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  1. Yep nice one @jjvh66 have fun ;)
  2. Hey don't get me wrong, I don't wanna burst your bubble, when this 300 worked it grew on me straight away, I've had a Spider Jam for a long time & have always wanted a Variax and the opportunity finally arose and I was not dissapointed with the modeling, the 12 string is awesome and to be able to change tunings at the flick of a switch is mind blowing, you can play whole tunes by yourself, as an example I made a patch that dropped the high and low E strings down to D then Virtually capoed the 2nd Fret giving me the tuning for the chain, I had a bass sound on the next switch and a Les Paul on the next, lots of fun, and with the ability to change the guitar setting with a stomp as well as the actual tone using my X3, which the Variax lead me to buy, So yes your Xt will power the 300 and with the digital Cable you will also be able to change the sounds, from having this 300 for such a short time I will definitely be buying a JTV. So go for it and good luck to ya ;) Just to add, my 300 is now fixed yes, thanks to the help and support of the Line 6 techs I recieved and sucessfully installed a new piezo and boom, back in the game.
  3. Be very wary when buying a second hand Variax, I purchased a 300 re-flashed it as I could hear the original strings after sending some alternate tunings to it, which in effect broke all the in built sounds, I paid 179 for the guitar, the repair cost me 143 as the guitar needed a new motherboard, I ordered an original digial Variax cable from GAK which came today and I was so looking forward to playing with it properly and now the D string is distorted and muffled so it looks like the guitar will need to go back again, I am not very happy and could have put the money towards a new JTV so be very careful and make sure you check the guitar thoroughly before you buy.
  4. Thanks guys I did set the path manually and its good to know the license is for the plugin only, I wont bother with it then, cause I'm getting the sounds through the X3 anyway so I suppose its irrelevant, and Ableton is not picking up the plugin, Ive copied it to its own folder, specified the pod path and still nothing, so I give up more time to play with the thing. By the way If anyone on this forum wants a code for a free download of my App that shows how music theory relates to the guitar fretboard, drop me an email via http://scaleviz.com and ill send you a code, the App is for iPhone/iPod only, still working on the next version, when my brain functions, which on the rare ocassion it does, but then I see one of my guitars staring at me. Doh!
  5. Hello, Can anyone advise me on the POD Farm plug-in, my x3 Live shows all model packs and a podfarm 1 license, although I cannot seem to get POD farm to work in standalone mode when the X3 is connected, all the packs show up as installed on the splash screen then I get told that there is no compatible device connected. I have also tried the plugin from withing Ableton Suite and nothing shows up in the plugin section. Thanks for looking. Shane
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