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  1. cybersnyder

    Boot time?

    Was thinking on the drive into work this morning, maybe I could run the Helix in an A/B loop switch and put a SansAmp in the other loop. Then I would have analog backup if anything happened. I'm not being hard on Line 6, but it's a computer and as an IT pro, computers fail, there will always be firmware 1.x.x +1 that has fixes. It's just the nature of anything beyond 100 lines of code. I like the UPS backup idea, but logistically that wouldn't work for what I needed. Anyways, just thought I'd update with my latest thought.
  2. cybersnyder

    Boot time?

    I play at NFL games with very short setup times. If I had to reset power or the plug was pulled anywhere along the line, 22 seconds is an eternity and I can't say "give me 15 seconds, almost there." It's a fringe case, for sure.
  3. cybersnyder

    Boot time?

    Thanks! Unfortunately, 22 seconds is way too long for what I need, so it's a non-starter. Oh well, I'll keep looking. But greatly appreciate the info!!
  4. cybersnyder

    Boot time?

    I'm having difficulty searching the forum, but I did try. I'm wondering what the boot time is for the Helix. The time from power on to "I'm playing". I haven't had a chance to try one yet and I'm concerned after seeing a bunch of synths that take 60 seconds to boot. Thought this would be the best place to ask. Appreciate it! PS / Is this complete overkill for bass?
  5. cybersnyder

    Helix FAQ

    Agreed. But without knowing that it's going to boot in a reasonable amount of time, I really can't preorder. If I don't preorder, it's probably going to be awhile before I find one in the stores. So, I'm in a predicament. I know I'm a little odd, heh.
  6. cybersnyder

    Helix FAQ

    I think they can give a ballpark time. It's not going to go from 2 to 20 seconds or vice versa. Sure. I play at NFL games and the timing is usually down to a few seconds. A 20 second boot time would probably mean dead air at the stadium.
  7. cybersnyder

    Helix FAQ

    What is the boot up time of the Helix? I've seen keyboards that take 60 seconds to boot up. For what I do, I need to be able to hit the switch and play within a few seconds.
  8. The pitch shift on the M5 that I have sounds much, much better. I use it to drop 1/2 step or convert an EADG bass into BEAD and it works well. On the HD500x, the tones were terrible. The HD500x has way more overall processing power, but individual effects only have what they're allocated.
  9. I just tried a HD500X as a M9 replacement and, IMO, the M9 is superior. Easier to edit, sounds better. Thanks for the Fractal link. That's a dream come true. I've always wanted a MultiFX built with no corners cut to hit a price point. I think I'll stick with my M5 and check out the Fractal when it's available. Wow!
  10. I noticed that Guitar Center only has refurbished stock on their site. Maybe the FX100 is its replacement?
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