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  1. I mostly use my Helix for effects straight into a 67 Princeton Reverb so most of the updates don't affect me too much. I do like the idea of a cab lab though! Had a Torpedo CAB for a while and while the sounds were maybe no better than the Helix it was fun to play with the room, cab, mic placement and such! My biggest desire right now is to get the Helix to control my Princeton's tremolo, haven't been able to get that working yet!
  2. On several models on my JTV I am getting an extra twangy almost acoustic sound out of my low E string. The Jazz box and Deluxe Tele are the most obvious, the rest of the strings sound like a hollow body more full and way less twang. Any Ideas, it almost sounds like the raw paizo sound is mixed into that string. It is updated to the newest release with all my models erased? Also where can I get a 3 way switch for it, mine has a lot of play in it now? Thanks!
  3. Took my mac to McDonalds and it worked perfectly? My be satellite internet? Thanks for all your help!
  4. Both links send me to a URL not found page? I have tried 3 different computers on 2 different networks? I am trying to get them for my OS X mac? Any ideas?
  5. I can't get the workbench to download? It says page is unavailable for it and the new version of monkey any ideas?
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