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  1. path 1 is guitar, path 2 is vocals. problem is I use headphones as my monitor and the vox are low in the mix. sounds good (even high) out of the FRFR speaker. any work around y'all can think of?
  2. 2020 and no "copy path". go vote on idea scale! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/918450#idea-tab-details
  3. Sure enough I just needed a standard cable instead of the one I was using. Time for more trial and error. Thanks for the guidance.
  4. Thanks For the replies. I’ve watched that video about four times and unfortunately there is no mention of the cables, which is where my snafu is. I think. I have the beatbuddy breakout cable, which is a single PS/2 to a 5 pin in and a 5 pin out. Cannot connect this cable directly to the helix because the breakout cable is female and the helix connection is female. The only other midi cable I had lying around the house was the one above. I was trying to use the 5 pins to connect with no need for the USB connector. So either I’m doing something wrong in the settings, which is not out of the question, or this cable is exclusively Midi over USB and will not work without the USB connection. Wondering if that is a common occurrence with some cables. I’m going to get a regular Midi cable today and try again. Like I said, trial and error seems to be the only way I learn Midi, which sucks if the errors take up hours of my time :-(
  5. midi newb here and trying to get my helix to talk to a beatbuddy. got the breakout cable for the BB. my only other midi cable is one of these https://www.amazon.com/Mugig-interface-Drivers-Keyboard-Instruments/dp/B0739M6XZ1/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 . a midi-in, midi-out, AND usb. picture attached. I don't need the usb for this application so i'm just trying to run the midi out (of helix) to midi in (of BB breakout cable). nothing seems to be working so I'm wondering if this cable ONLY sends signals to the usb and you cannot use the midi in and out independent of the usb connection. may be a goofy question but my knowledge is all trial and error, so before I spend another hour driving myself crazy, is it the cable???
  6. all good points coda. going to work on it today. yes I overthink many things. if only there was medication for that... that someone would share... :-) soundog, that app is mac only so I tried MP3Gain. hopefully it works! thanks for the tips guys.
  7. Thanks codamedia. Balancing the backing tracks (bt) and patches ahead of time is best but WAY too much work. Not only would I have to balance each patch to each bt, but then balance every one with each other for a gig setting. Yes, audio is through helix via usb cable. The same cable that carries the Midi data. Not sure how to adjust that audio. That’d be half the battle.
  8. Hello much smarter people than me. Hopefully someone can understand my question and offer some advice. Currently I am running an IPad (OnSong app) into Helix with Midi via USB. I have figured out how to use the Helix to change songs on the IPad and even start/stop backing tracks within the IPad app. The problem is... each backing track has a slightly different level and obviously Helix patches have different levels so it is a royal pain in the butt to try to match each preset to each backing track. I’d like to add a mic also, but now I’m trying to mix 3 sources. So I’d love to add a tiny/cheap mixer to be able to adjust Helix/Backing Track/Mic on the fly BUT also keep the Midi capabilities to change songs etc... It’d be a shame to go iPad direct into mixer (if possible) and lose all that wonderful Midi stuff (of which I know 5% of). Or even better, have the mixer remember all the settings and send them out automatically? Is this fantasyland stuff? Thanks!
  9. so we're all agreed that it WOULD BE a no-brainer addon. hopefully the gurus at line6 agree. happy holidays everyone! go vote on ideascale!
  10. on HX edit, I can't select more than one block using shift, crtl, or alt. only one block stays selected. am I missing something? (on win10)
  11. posted in ideascale. go vote! maybe by 2020 we'll see it... :lol: HELIX copy all blocks in path OR copy path Idea No. 2089
  12. the problem with saving templates or just saving as a new destination is that eventually you have to start from scratch with one path or the other. if you like a factory preset and just want to add your vocal path, no other way than copy block by block. kinda time consuming. seems like with the power under the hood of the helix, this could be an easy add. but what do I know. thanks for the replies tho!
  13. been WAITING for a "copy all blocks" option for presets. that way I can have my 2nd input set for vocals and just copy that string into whatever guitar preset I have. copying block by block between presets is TERRIBLE! (just a suggestion :-)
  14. Thanks again for all the advice. It really did come down to just changing my listening option in my DAW. It never dawned on me that using the Helix's PA speaker was an option. I guess I thought that running the sound into the computer and then back to the PA speaker would cause more latency, not eliminate it. And I'm messing around with Reaper and love it!
  15. Thanks guys. Will look into a retail DAW soon. In the meantime, I'll try to change to the Helix driver. Monitor from the Helix and hopefully hear everything from the PC in realtime. Love the community! Peace!
  16. Hey all. In way over my head with Helix but since when was gear purchases practical? I'm going USB into PC using Audacity to record/mix. Monitoring through computer speakers or headphones. I understand the latency caused by the computer processing the info. I don't think I have the option (or knowledge) to monitor direct from my stock sound card which I hear does the trick. Trying to record a track while listening to other tracks is impossible due to the delay in hearing what I'm playing. Questions are: are all DAWs the same in this manner? No need to drop cash on a retail one? Or any other workarounds are welcome. The only thing I've come up with listening to my Helix speaker and computer playback at the same time. Definitely won't work for vocals! Thanks all. Take care.
  17. I got this at IKEA. Fits like a charm. Might not be as padded etc but for $30 I'm happy. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20313571/
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