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  1. Thanks! that is the info that I needed!
  2. Odd question but I do have a use case for this setup. I want to split the signal of the guitar (no effects) to two different amps simultaneously. If I own a G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System and a Spider V can I sync the relay with both the Spider V and the G10 Charging station and broadcast to both simultaneously? I guess I need to know if the relay syncs to the Spider or does the spider sync to the relay? I know I could run the G10 Base through a ABY switch but that is a secondary option to the one above. Thanks,
  3. I don't think so... The bolt pattern is different than my 2013 MIM Strat... The strat is wider... I wanted a different neck too.
  4. I got mine last week from zzounds. So far I am very happy with it... I adjusted the action a little and it plays very comparably to my 2013 MIM Strat, although I would have preferred a maple neck. I did do a few quick measurements with a digital caliper and there were a few slight differences but form me at least I think most notable thing is the back of the neck isn't as lacquered as the other guitars that I have so it feels a little rough that is taking some getting used to. I have a fairly steep learning curve since this is my 1st variax and I paired it with the new Firehawk so I am working out how to get everything working as I want it to.
  5. all the software in question is the latest avaiable release from Line 6
  6. I am unable to connect my Workbench software to the new Vairax Standard. I am able to see it with the line 6 Monkey software and everything is up todate but when I open the Workbench software it is unable to see the Variax and the dongle used to connect it has a solid green light on the usb side and a flashing red light on the guitar side. I have a fully charged battery but when connected to the PC I am unable to turn the guitar on. I have also attempted to use a different CAT5 cable between the guitar and dongle connected to the PC but it did not change anything.
  7. heatwave23


    Does anyone else have a interest in seeing Line6 add a metronome to the Firehawk app? I tried streaming it for another metronome app downloaded to my IOS device but the lag and delays were terrible. I have not reattempted it with the 1.1 firmware. Either way I would like to see it in the Line 6 app.
  8. It’s cool that users are able to keep this forum going but certainly a missed opportunity for Line 6. I have been active in other forums that run like this and others that have direct company participation. This is a brand new product and it is sad to see that they are not actively seeking out feedback and having a dialog with the forum users that are so passionate about their products.
  9. Thanks ColonelForbin... Unrelated question since I am new to the Line 6 Forums.... Are any acutal Line 6 employees active in the forums or is a response from a "expert user" the best you can hope for? I have not spent a ton of time in here but there seems to be a lack of intrest in the forums from Line 6
  10. So anyone at Line 6 want to comment on the ETA for the next shipment? Sweetwater has already pushed my ETA 2 times and now it looks like they can't get a update from Line 6.
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