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  1. (Pod HD Pro) I'm not sure how this would even be possible but, anyone find a way to have one channel (I don't know maybe in a two amp setup) to have one amp automatically increase the gain while playing? an example of what I'm wondering if can be done is, say one guitarist is strumming clean and another hits the main chord and slowly increases volume of a distorted amp...this thing has so many capabilities I'd thought I'd ask.. thanks
  2. I wish I understood all this stuff too. Not understanding the signal chain I just play with effects until I find something I like. Sometimes I feel I'm chasing a tone that I keep hampering by adding an effect that I shouldn't be. I'm guessing the summing effects are effects that are not stereo? I would just like to know the best global configuration that I can't F up with playing with different effects in the chain. (clueless)
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking yesterday.
  4. Well..That would explain it then..(slapping self now) thank you
  5. I've been searching the board to no prevail. i opened Monkey (latest version) and it says nothing about the device firmware 2.6? the License manager however, says: "This version of Line 6 License Manager adds support for HD Model Packs to POD HD, POD HD500, POD HD Pro, POD HD500X and POD HD Pro X. In order to authorize HD Model packs, your POD HD must be updated to USB Firmware 1.04 or greater and Flash Memory 2.60 or greater with Line 6 Monkey". I checked the USB firmware on the device and it it says it's 1.0. I just put in a ticket but am hoping someone else has already resolved this issue. There is no option in Monkey to update the USB firmware. attached is what i see in Monkey
  6. jjulien

    New Hd Firmware

    I have a POD XT Pro loaded with metal pack, FX Pack and Clasic pack. and a POD HD Pro any one wanna trade for an Axe Fx2?
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