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  1. no disrespect to those who post the audio clips. I´m not talking about the playing, only the tone. I still find the JCM800 model sound bad. Not at all as a jcm800 should sound
  2. totally useless model on the hd.
  3. I´d go with the PRS without thinking much. Its only your second guitar and i think it would not be smart to buy something that is so "engaged" with a device. PRS are awesome axes.
  4. I´m going to answer myself in case anybody search for something similar. The HD500 does work perfect as a midi controller. And is very easy to program. So far I´ve been able to: -navigate trough banks -select patches on any bank -on/off effects on patch -full use of the expression pedal: use volume pedal / activate wha with expression pedal footswitch / use wha -tap tempo so i guess that are the basic functions and all works perfectly. No latency noted (at least no more than the same the hd500 has in is normal use)
  5. well this thread can be closed if needed. Not real response from line 6 other than take the unit to a service center... the unit is unusable as a modeler or even audio interface. i tried using just the fx loop return to reproduce music and the "cut" event happened that way also. However the mp3 input sounds normal and no cut happens... so its a processor thing. I add this info in case is useful for somebody else. I just moved on and re-do my rig. Best obligated-decision ever. Thanks all for trying to help, see you around.
  6. I just want to re-do my "review" on the PE60. I no loger use the HD as a modeler but with my new rig the PE60 sounds just fantastic. Not major EQ tweaks needed to use the tones that sound good also with headphones... not sure if it has to do with different internal eq for the headphone / 1/4" outs on the devices, but for me this amp does its job wonderful.
  7. rublalup


    I found this answer on another forum regardind on how to use the pod hd as a midi controller, but no matter what i do i cant go to the customtone page... it always redirects me to the home page. Any idea on how to download this? Anybody knows the name of that tone so i can use the search function on customtone? "Here is a link to a Line 6 patch download that supposedly enables an HD500 to control the 11R: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/218957/ You have to be a Line 6 member to download the patch. I guess the nice thing about having the HD500 and 11R at the same gig is if the 11R dies on you, you have a backup at your feet ready to go!"
  8. Thanks for your advice and interest in my case Nico. Thats what i think. Shipping + parts + labor + shipping back = lots of $$$$$$$. Not to mention the time waiting for the parts to arrive, techs to check out, etc... Not a road I want to walk. I know things brake. But for me this is just the outcome of a poor quality equipment. I'm really pissed off right now and maybe in the future i change my mind, but I think I'm donne with líne 6. Been a user since pod 2.0... All i can imagine now is the bad luck Brian meme... "Buys Power Engine to amplify his pod.... His pod brakes" Good luck to all.
  9. Anyone know the approximate cost of a replacement like that? I just want to see if it's worth
  10. last night i was able to reproduce the high pitch error if i play constantly the tap/tuner footswitch. I also discover on my clean tone that if I press the tap the sound "waves" as i press it. This video should let you see that (even knowing that the actual sound of the switch can cover the amps reproducing the waving):
  11. be aware that what appears on the vid is the least of my problems... my huge concern is that i got a "wavy" sound and that the sound cuts (as in the audio file link) https://soundcloud.c...p/hd500-problem
  12. I am a super newbie and don't understand a thing about midi... I have this question and would be very grateful to hear your comments: It is possible to use the Pod HD500 as a midi controller for an Avid Eleven Rack? the thing is that my hd broke and i´m looking at other options... i only need the pod to change between patches and if possible use the expression pedal to control wha/volume. is this doable?
  13. Theres no service center in my city or anywhere near. The only service center in my country (colombia) is Bogotá at 300 miles of my home town. You have any idea of what a technic should look after according to the symptoms i described? some especial opamp/resistor/thing you could point me in order to ask a local technician to take a look of the unit? any idea what could be?
  14. well the problems dont stop. Now i´m having this akward behavior on the screen when changing banks (up and down): i really think this thing is broke. Pretty bad quality considering the soft use and EXTREME care I have give this unit.
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