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  1. Hi folks, Got a JTV-59 and have trying to customize it using Workbench HD. I've got everything connected properly and Line 6 monkey recognizes the Variax. Workbench HD shows it connected and it is showing the proper guitars where they are supposed to be however when I change the pickups and try to upload to Variax, I get the message that:" Workbench HD application has stopped working. I have a fully charged battery and a 1\4 inch jack in. I must mention that I am using the x3 live for the interface to my computer. Any ideas ?
  2. Hi guys, I have had my JTV-59 for a few months and have a strange problem. About 2 months ago, the morning after a gig when I went to play the guitar, the 3 high strings were all fretting out. The bridge had somehow slipped down and laid the strings on the neck. I readjusted it and everything was fine. This morning after last nights gig, the 3 low strings are now laying on the neck and the other side of the bridge has slipped. Has anyone experienced this ?
  3. I'm using Windows 7 and downloaded the latest updater and Helix software ......... I keep getting the message " Updater stopped working" when it's trying to start. Same thing when I try to start the Helix software. What gives ? Update: I was able to finally get the Updater working after 5 tries and updated the Helix to the latest software.......however the Helix still will not start. I keep getting the " Helix stopped working" message. I've rebooted and started the computer with the Helix usb on and off.
  4. I have an unusual problem. I just purchased my 3rd Pod X3 Live to replace my 1st one which had become a backup. I saved all of my patches from the older Pod X3 Live and then uploaded them to my newer one. The drivers are exactly the same and everything else is exactly the same. I've checked everything out between both boards....all the settings are equal...yet, the new board sounds very wimpy by comparison. I've done side by side checks. Am I missing something here ? Has there been a different version or an update that I don't know about ?
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