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  1. Hi, I'm being worried by my UX8. the front plate is hot as long as it receives power (meaning, plugged, not on). Is this something I must take care of ? I have a main power switch for my hardware but I still want to make sure if that's normal behaviour or not
  2. Hi ! I'm using pod farm 2 on my ux8 for live sound with a dual footswitch connected at the back of the ux8. I would like to make it so that on one patch (and on this patch only), one of my footswitch is assigned to tap tempo. The problem is I didn't find how to do it, I can only set it globally which is a problem because this footswitch has other usages on other patches (including time related effects :/) Is there any way to have the tap tempo assigned to a midi control but only for one patch ?
  3. Hi everyone. This week I had an idea, as a singer/guitarist in a rock band, using my UX8 and podfarm 2 for my guitar and vocal processing on max OSX. I wanted to try having custom feedback of my guitar and vocals directly using in-ear (so that I can ear myself better during rehearsal) So I thought I could use the front panel 3/4 output to plus my in-ear But then I was faced with a strange behavior. I'm currently using instrument input 1 for my guitar, panned left, and mic input 2 for my vocals, panned right, so that output 1 is my guitar processed and output 2 is my vocal processed. I went to pod farm2 mixer view and set SEND 9-10 input to Tone A and SEND 11-12 to Tone B meters show signal accordingly, nice ! but .... it's not working, so I go to the control panel, output & monitoring and select "show hardware monitoring for" Outputs 3-4 there, I mute everything except processed (9-10) and processed (11-12) I try this setup but it's still not doing what I thought it would. It seem the main podfarm 2 output is going to 9-10 (but not the REC I defined, that was supposed to be only tone A) and nothing goes in 11-12 So what did I miss? are the sources in the control panel misslabeled ? TLDR : I want podfarm2 output 9-10 and 11-12 to be assignable in the control panel outputs so that I can set how much of 9-10 and 11-12 I hear in outputs 1-2 and 3-4. It seems 9-10 is podfarm main output only, not the output set in its mixer view
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