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  1. Hi guys, Its been a while but I have an old Variax 300 I want to dust off and use a bit. I also have a Vetta II combo I used to use for workbench with it. My problem is recent OS, in my case Mac 10.12.6 (actually not that recent), don't have support for any device editing. The last workbench I see that supports the Variax 300 is (non HD) 1.75. But I can't install that on my system as the OS isn't supported. Am I screwed without using an older OS?
  2. I've switched to PT11 full-time. Ive had to drop POD Farm sadly enough. I really hope AAX64 comes along. I have Vienna Ensemble Pro so can host the AU version (as a re-amper only), but for playing through the plug-in the latency is too high. If AAX doesn't come along, POD Farm will surely be replaced (relunctantly) by plug-ins that run in native AAX.
  3. FWIW - Any plug-in that gets my money going forward has to be PT11 ready. I'm happy enough (and hope) to give Pod Farm some of it. :) Native AAX is fine (for me).
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