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  1. I use mine live, for vocals only. Currently using the HD500x The tap delay and control it offers me is faaar better than any voice live device that I have tried. I've tried most of them. Sound guys love the fact that I control all my reverb, delay etc...all he has to do is keep track of the volume. I started using my pod x3 live for this, until my tap/tuner button broke. Now it is used in the studio for my guitar tones as my quest is long over since finding pods. :)
  2. Wonder, would wiping the computer and installing windows xp fix it?
  3. I'm pulling my hair out. haha. I wish they would release the bulletin, or show how to do hardware part, if they aren't going to support it. I've had nothing but problems with my pod x3 live since I got it. Had it warranty'd in the first 3 months and told that my house power was the cause of the issues then, blew something...waited forever, so spend money on a ups and power conditioner....then my old awesome comp with xp litterally caught fire (Not line 6's fault). Now this. This is almost the last straw with me and line 6 haha. I had everything dialed to perfection...no worries, recordings were awesome, no hassle and my quest for tone was complete. If anyone knows the secret to the hardware....bad-man-inc@Hotmail.com....would be fantastic. Thank you Zap. Appreciated muchly
  4. ok, so upgraded everything. So I'm still getting drop out, no sound from any programs, they just freeze up, recording programs stop producing sound. The counters roll...but the bars don't move. I can still hear my guitar, tho. haha. So I'm guessing that i INFACT am having usb dropout?
  5. awesome, ok....firmware...thats the downloadable upgrading, correct? Because, perhaps I should try that, except...line 6 monkey can never find the pod...haha. Windows 8. I'm extraordinarily upset with. Took me forever to bipass the latency and use the damn pod as a sound card...but then my midi keyboard was experiencing crazy latency....asio4all....but can't run both. Thank you very much for the swift replies. Trying to get monkey to open now. .........
  6. So I've browsed and read as many forums as possible. I understand that early podx3 live's will have usb audio drop out, with windows 8 computers. Unless they have a new hardware part installed. I've spoken with my local long and mcquade, they said it would be a 22 week return time. Little much. I need my pod for my band as the vocalist, the tap delay is fantastic...and need the pod for my recorded guitar work with another band. 22 weeks, can kiss my arse. Has anyone done this on their own? I am a techy anyways, is there a posting somewhere of the Technical Bulletin #52 anywhere? Or is there a software fix for this yet? K those questions aside.... When I first started to use my podx3 live with windows 8, it was a battle for soundcards. Then it would last almost an hour, before audio drop out, now it won't last a minute. Is this normal for the "audio dropout"??????? I've used new and old USB cables, tried all the usb ports, front and back, don't use a hub. I want to hulk smash something, but need to know which should go first. Since my pod has no warranty, maybe I should just trade it in for a pod hd (but a broke lollipop nugga)....but if I did that, will I be able to keep my custom tones????
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