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  1. Just dug out my POD HD Bean for the first time in quite a while - thought i'd test my gear through my new Vox AV60 amp ( pedals = good , Boss ME80 = good (even the Amp models, surprisingly ). Plugged the POD directly into the fx loop and dialled up a couple of "cleanish" amp models ( mainly Bassman, Vox AC30, Dr Z and a Plexi ) and tried a few of the OD/DS sims. I found that I really loved the Tube Driver & Tube Screamer the best. The RAT sim was really good into the Vox and the Plexi ( when they were set to "edge of breakup" ). The Tube Driver was great into the Bassman and Dr Z and the Tube Screamer was excellent into all of them when used as a "low gain / boost".. Also tried the TS as a boost into the Marshall JCM (new version) .... got THE cranked Marshall tone.
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    Guitar - Washburn G20v ( HH config both of which can be coil-tapped - so all the basic tones covered) Amp - Blackstar HT 40 ( Clean/Gain Channels plus ISF control and built in Reverb - so both US/British tones covered) Pedals - Blackstar HT Dual ( 2 additional gain stages plus ISF - so extra tones on tap) Blackstar Delay pedal I currently own the guitar ( used mainly for building patches on my Modelling gear - "auditioning" tones that I then use with my "better" guitars).It's insanely versatile and can go from Vintage Fender-type cleans (Tele/Strat) through PAF-ish HB tones ( LP/SG) to modern metal tones. I have owned the amp and the pedals - only sold as I don't gig ( just needed the modellers for noodling & recording.
  3. i had the same issue with my HD400 and my HD Bean for a while - I found that I could update by going directly through the software downloads section on the L6 website rather than through Monkey.
  4. Really like the AC30 / Bassman / Deluxe & Park Models - they're probably the ones I use the most, I generally keep to the matched cabs but switch up the mics till I find one that sounds good ( I find with most of the Amp models there are at least a couple of mics that sound good ) The Divided by 13 is another favourite of mine and again I tend to leave both the cab and the mic at default. For most of the other amps I use ( Dr Z , JTM, Plexi , JCM ( new version ), Soldano Clean/Crunch, Orange ) I play around with the cabs/mics a little more than the others. A couple of pretty cool Amp/Cab combinations I have stumbled across recently are the Bassman into the Blackback cab and the Fender Twin into the same cab. ( Fender models seem to love the Blackback cab)
  5. oops ....posted the above in the wrong thread ......should have been in the favourite amps/settings thread obviously ( from the above ) you can see that my particular faves from the vintage pack are the Vox Fawn & Orange models. I haven't spent much time on the Fender Champ or Pete Anderson models as yet - though, as I really love Fender gear, I do intend to explore these more at some point. TBH, the POD has been put to one side for the last month or so as I have been playing mostly through my THR 10
  6. Ok , these are the amps I am currently either loving or getting some good tones with. ( I do tend to flip Amp models from time to time in terms of my favourites ) Clean/Edge of breakup/Light to Mid crunch Vox AC30 ( TB and Non Top Boost models ) Fender Bassman ( usually the Normal channel ) Fender Deluxe ( usually the Vib channel ) Divided by 13 Mid crunch to Classic Rock Gain Orange OR 80 ( HBs) Park 75 ( SCs) Dr Z ( both ) Marshall Plexi Classic Heavy Rock Marshall JCM 800 ( new version) Soldano Crunch Modern Heavy Rock/ Metal Mesa Boogie Engl
  7. Hey Adi Glad to have given you a little help ( sorry I couldn't be more helpful ) Many times I simply stumble across tones that, to my ears, sound close to the sound I'm chasing. I'm sure that if I A/B'd the tones with the originals the would be poles apart but I have learned to accept that if a tone sounds good ( or close) then that's OK - I don't get too hung up on getting exactly the same. ( I ain't got the gear, the guitars or the "chops"). Have fun tweaking and playing - that's the most important thing. Good luck mate.
  8. hey mate , no sorry!! I honestly can't remember any of the settings at all ( I don't even have the patch any more - lost all my patches and back ups ) as I recall, on the " quiet strummed" guitar part in the verses I generally just backed off the guitar volume and strummed softer ( I have never got a nice tone from the flanger fx on the POD so I just didn't try to recreate that effect). Your question has inspired me to try and recreate that PT " prog/metal" tone and I actually found that the Engl amp with the gain at around 3.5 ( EQ to suit your gear / ears) sounds pretty good - kept cab/mic as default but dialled the RES down to 0 and dialled the bass ( on the amp models tone stack) down to about 2-3. I should add that I have the global EQ on all the time with a Lo Cut set to 120Hz and a High Cut set to 6.5 KHz. ( this kills some of the low end flubbines and high end fizz)
  9. Lots of different guitar tones in that song mate ( usually several layers of guitars in Tree/Wilson stuff) Used to have a generic "Tree" patch based around a Marshall Plexi model ( set cleanish) with the Classic Distortion sim for the gain - but lost the Patch during a computer issue I had.
  10. you're not the only one I've seen mention this but I have always had to turn the Vox AC30 Channel Volume up to 100 to get it close to the others - weird eh? also weird - I found the new amps ( after installing the model packs) to be louder than the ones originally installed ( I found that the Soldanos were much louder when I installed that update too ) maybe it's just my Old knackered ears.
  11. hey there IR2020 I'm no expert with these modelling devices but I think that you might get better results balancing your volumes by using the Mixer block rather than a compressor. ( plus you save an fx block) The AC30 is definitely much quieter than the others so I generally put the Channel volume on 100 and then use the Mixer to bring the volume level up to match some of the louder amps ( I also do this with the Supro amp and a couple of the Fenders )
  12. Hey there titchy. I forgot to mention before but I have the Global EQ "on" all the time with a Low Cut of 100hz and a High Cut of 6.5Khz. I feel that this eliminates the muddiness in the low end ( especially in the Marshalls) and removes some of the "fizz" ( particularly in the Higher gain/Metal amps) If I need a little more off the lower end I use the Low Cut DEP setting ( dial it up to 100hz - to match the low cut in the Global EQ - and then increase the cut to taste) Another trick I use from time to time ( less so since the Global EQ was added ) is to use the Studio EQ fx just before the Amp ( or a OD/Dist fx ) - use the Low Cut with a setting of 150 0r 180 hz and drop the Lo Gain to taste ( usually - 6.0 to - 8.0 db ) I used this on all the Marshall Amp sims to clean up the low end "flub".
  13. Hey mate I'm certainly not a Djent/Metal player by any means but, in many of the "how to" vids on the web that I've watched, the Djent tone seems to be best "dialled in" by reducing the Master DEP Volume and reducing the Sag & Bias values too.( in the DEP Amp Parameters) I would also try a Low Cut of 100 -130Hz and reducing the Res Level to 0 (zero) ( in the DEP Cab Parameters) Have a search on youtube for Djent/POD HD and I'm sure you'll find a few good "how to" vids. Good searching mate.
  14. Hey Titchy Yeah, I find the Marshalls ( and Park ) Models the hardest to dial in and I find that they are the amp models that I have to change cabs/mics on the most to get them to sound better ( I also need to use one or two Parametric EQs after the mixer block to dial out the "fiizzy" frequencies ) A little more patience needed for those amps but they can be dialled in pretty nicely. Oh yeah, I forgot to add, the Marshall/Park models seems to respond better with the gain dialled off to a light crunch and a OD/Distortion pedal in front to bring the gain up to the required level.
  15. My " fave" amps tend to shift slightly from time to time but I generally find I use the following to get a range of tones Clean / Edge of break-up - Fender Bassman / Vox AC30 / Soldano Clean Blues - Dr Z / Fender Deluxe Crunch - Plexi / Orange / Soldano Crunch Hard Rock / Metal - JCM / Park / Treadplate Also, for a slightly different flavour in the Clean / Edge of break-up tones, I will use the Divided by 13 / Supro / Gibtone and Fender Champ.
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