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  1. Hello, The engineers of Line 6 have work because there is something to do with the POD HD PRO X and the pedal board FBV3. 1) Turn on COLORS LEDs: this becomes essential to distinguish the effects between Dynamics, Distortions, Delays, Modulations ... 2) Why there are the FS1 to FS5 switches on the FBV3 pedals and which do not correspond to the FS1 to FS5 of the POD HD PRO X?!? ... There is a bug to correct. Or you could not write anything on the FBV3... It is ridicules ti see FS2 on FBV3 assign to the FS3 in the POD HD PRO X... 3) Why is the FS1 switch automatically assigned to the Looper?!? And if I do not like this Looper and I hate to play with a Lopper, you have to allow me to attribute this FS1 pedal (on the FBV3) to a complementary effect. It will be an effect more than I can use under foot. 4) Why not allow the FUNCTION switch to either go into Looper mode (which I will NEVER use) or switch on external Loops Effects. At least I will have effects from switch FS1 to switch FS5. Go wake up and change it very quickly. We guitarists, we need these clear and simple modifications to implement our music. I am sure (by what is only programming) that in 2 months come in this can be solved. Because of this, the POD HD PRO X and the FBV3 pedalboard can be used optimally with these two best equipment : POD HD PRO X and FBV3 Pepalboard. Many thanks in advance. Phil.
  2. Hello There, It is the same things in Europe product. All is perfect in the POD HD PROX Rack and the only things which could bring problem for a long lifetime is this the 4 way nav pad. It seems very bad manufacturing device and with fatigue (like a thin metal rope after bending/folding several times => the metal rope breakdown) I am sure this 4 way nav will not resist in a long lifetime (especially as the diameter is a few millimeters). Sometimes I have to push 2 times in order to go on the left way. It is a shame in a new product especially since everything else in this rack is very solid. The question is: What will do Line 6? Do Line 6 have a solution for this hidden defect ? What can I do? Line 6 have to progress and think to all function in the furture before sale a new product. Best regards from France. Phil.
  3. Dear Line 6 Engineers, Happy new year ! I have a request: can you update the FBV 3 in order to have all different led colors when you use it with the POD HD PRO X ? What a pity that this led colors switches works only with AMPLIFI and FIREHAWK. Your faithfully. Phil.
  4. Hi man, You have to update your FBV 3 via Line 6 Website with new free program (freeware). And when the update will be done, the FBV 3 will work perfectly with the POD HD PRO X.
  5. Please: Why only 25 guitar amps for POD HD Pro X Instead of 75 with POD X3 Pro? Where are the fantastics Bass sounds of POD X3 Pro inside the POD HD Pro X? Please add the request above and you make happy full of customers and guitar/bass players of the world!!!! I beleive in Line 6, because all the Team is great chaps!!! Love from France Phil. www.philammeloot.com
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