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  1. I own JD Aura BTW, but it died after 2 years of use and 2 repairs... I'm not able to do all these technical things, so I just decided to buy an HX Stomp and try to get them work together )) ZOOM A3 was a decent solution, but I miss the "real" dobro IRs from Fishman.
  2. Could you please share these IRs if possible? Thanks ;-) Vlad
  3. UPD: the “el cheapo” cable for Apple pencil doesn’t work, so I just cut the 30-pin and soldered the standard USB. It works! ))
  4. Hey guys ;-) I just bough the Sonic Port again (for the 3rd time, haha )), and I wanted to use it with my MacBook. Anybody tried the Apple Pencil adapter?
  5. Try this, you can download all the tracks from the site and play them on your device (iPod, mp3 player, etc.). I stopped updating this site quite long ago, but all the files from Blues, Jazz and Funk sections are stil alive ;-) http://www.jamtracks.ru/en/mpjam.html Vlad
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