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  1. Could it be a problem with your switches. My 500HDx does this and it turned out to be the switching itself on to tuner which mutes the sound. I fixed it once by stripping it down and spraying the switches with cleaner and it worked for about 6 months and now it's doing it again so it's back to my old analogue pedals for tonight's gig and I think the HD500 might have to go because it's just not reliable enough. When you're being paid to play you can't have stuff that's gonna let you down regularly. Next time yours does it look to see if it's gone to the tuner, if it has then its a switch problem and switch or switches will need to be replaced.
  2. Hi everybody I know this has been a problem for a lot of people and reading on here I know it relates to dodgy micro switches. Mines been a pain in the backside constantly changing while playing so I have stripped it down and sprayed the switches with switch cleaner as per some suggestions on here ..... which has cured the problem temporarily at least. While it was disassembled I noticed a difference in the four switches on the bottom row starting at the Tap Tempo. These four switches had no definite click, in fact it is hard to even know if they are moving. All the other switches click as you press them down and seem to have a spring return. There is no spring return on my tap temp switch or the three immediately next to it ( probably the four most used in my set up) My first question is .... is this normal ? are these four switches a different design to the rest? they all operate and since being cleaned the unit hasn't switched over to tuner on it's own anymore however I have a big gig coming up and am slightly worried it could start again. You can hear the others click even when the unit is assembled, but not those four so would be grateful if someone could confirm if this is normal or they are all faulty (but still working somehow) My second question if they are faulty is.... where can I get good quality replacements that won't do this again in a hurry, does anyone have a part no? and/or can I buy that whole circuit with six switches on anywhere ???? Cheers for reading!
  3. I'm having this problem right now.... the switch keeps turning on the tuner and muting me at the most crucial time and I've noticed it does it more in loud environments and particularly when the bass is cranked up so it seems vibration is enough to trigger the switch. I've just stripped it down and sprayed the switches with large amounts of switch cleaner and I'm hoping this will cure my problem but I noticed something while doing it and wondered if it's normal..... on the bottom row the TAP TEMPO and the next three switches to it don't have a definite click. The next two do and so do all of the switches on the row above. I noticed when it was disassembled that these switches don't seem to have any kind of click or spring to them as I would expect from a micro switch while all the others do. Can anyone tell me if all their switches click (you can hear it without taking apart when you press any of the footswitches) or are those four a slightly different design and not supposed to click ??? If they should click and have a spring feel about them then I reckon the switch cleaner wont be enough to fix it long term. If they are all buggered I think the best solution would be to replace the whole PCB rather than fiddle around finding and soldering new micro switches ... if so any ideas where that could be purchased in the UK ????
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