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  1. Re: HD500 randomly switching into tuner mode...what was your solution?


    The suggested fix is absent on the forum, and I’m having that issue now.





  2. As a fan of Andy Timmon's tone I'm beyond excited to try out the Lonestar Amp Model in 2.5. I found this video with some tips on how he dials in his Lonestar and will use these a starting place when 2.5 is released. Thought this might help some others who enjoy Andy Timmons.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpZHQpJb6dQ I'm curious how this will sound compared to other FRFR options out there.
  4. I'm using the new Friedman Dirty Shirley pedal and it sounds great.
  5. Hey everyone, Just a quick question - I recently saw an older Glenn DeLaune video where he talks about using distortion pedals (he was using the Bogner Ecstacy) into the Helix straight into a cab model and not using an amp at all. Sure enough I plugged my JHS Andy Timmons pedal into the effects loop, bypassed the amp model and dialed up a Marshall cab and it actually sounds as good if not better than running into a clean amp model. I'm just curious how this works - I know you can't run a drive pedal straight into a cab in the real world so why does this work in Helix? This maybe a dumb question but I was just curious. Thanks, Andrew
  6. I've been using the FreqOut with my Helix and I've found it works best in the effects loop before the amp but after my ODs and compressors. I watched a video Chad Huskey made and it sounds like he found that's where it works best as well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mPucY6RJ2c
  7. joseroys - You asked what major artists are using The Helix - Oz Fox from Stryper is using the Helix instead of an amp. He uses the Cali Rectifier model with a minotaur in front of it. There are pics of him onstage with it over at The Line Helix Group on FB and someone asked him about it after the concert. I'm sure there are many others but that recent post came to mind.
  8. I record everything direct and monitor through headphones so I don't have the ability to create feedback which is why I'm anxiously awaiting the release of the DigiTech FreqOut pedal. If it's half as good as the youtube videos I've seen it will be an awesome addition in front of the Helix.
  9. I had the same exact problem. I reinstalled Firmware 2.01 and that unfroze my Helix. Once it was unfrozen I used a different computer to update to 2.10 and everything was fine.
  10. I had the same issue as rwhite137 where my update failed and my screen was flashing Helix Rack. I posted to this forum for help and was basically told to enjoy the death metal polka music because I must have not followed the instructions - LOL. What finally unbricked my Helix was to reinstall Firmware 2.01. Once I did that my Helix booted up and I used another computer to install 2.10.
  11. I picked one of these up from Sweetwater - just couldn't pass up the great deal. I have a Helix and love it but now I have a back up / POD to use for practice and save the wear and tear on my Helix.
  12. So I guess I'm confused. I downloaded Helix 2.10 from the downloads page and then went through the Updater to update my Helix. Is that not right? I see now that the second software download listed is Flash Memory but I didn't do anything with that - only the first download that just says Helix and lists all the enhancements with 2.10. I don't see anything that editor app installer file.
  13. Hopefully someone can help - I downloaded firmware 2.10 and everything seemed to ok until the end when it said Update failed. So I turned the Helix off and back on and all it does is flash Helix Rack on the screen (no, I don't have a Helix Rack, just the floorboard). I tried rebooting it while holding down footswitches 9 and 10 and same thing. I tried again to do the update and the updater says it is currently running 2.10 and when I try and update it again the Helix is unresponsive. When I try and open the editor it says "Helix Device cannot be instantiated. Another App has claimed the Helix Device. Please quit all Line 6 applications before quitting Helix." I have run previous updates without incident. Hoping someone has a solution - thanks in advance! Andrew
  14. Thanks datacommando - yep, Satriani is my favorite guitar player ever since Surfing with the Alien came out. I was in high school at the time and that album had a huge affect on my playing.
  15. Just finished a new song and used Helix for everything (bass, clean / dirty rhythm, leads etc...). Here's a rough mix... https://soundcloud.com/andrew-hively-990963936/even-if-i-will I really love this thing! Andrew
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