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  1. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Cool. Thanks guys. I was was just surprised how it sounded in that video because that’s the sound I don’t like about the helix. Big turn off. And dude is obviously a good player and demo guy. I was just curious if people considered that good tone. Ill try some more tricks. I’m guessing I’ll need to load up my IRs and see if that takes it up to the next level. Fingers crossed. Im looking forward to more improvements to this box. New cabinets with better IRS would be a good step.
  2. joseroys

    Sound Question

    I mean, I wouldn’t say those videos are useless or people wouldn’t make and watch them. They’re not perfect but to say they’re useless is questionable. I realize the amp in a room thing. When in a studio, you’re recording on headphones with cab in another room. Still sounds good and dimensional with a raw amp. Kemper sounds much better with just a raw amp without tweaking. But there are lots of things I prefer on the line 6. I do wish I could set up default setting for things like filters instead of having to tweak basic settings (like low pass) every time I pull up a cab.
  3. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Ok. I thought the effects just had fx and didn’t realize it had amps as well. The saddites helped the most. The idea for me is get an amp and a cab, fine tune high end and mic placement and it should sound ok. Some of the amps sound like the video I attached which is what I’m trying to avoid. I should have made it clearer I suppose. Maybe ill I’ll have to use my IRs. Didn’t want to mess with that rabbit hole. I’m a sound engineer (decade) as well as musician (lifetime) so I’m familiar with micing amps. But never sound plastic like the video I mentioned. That’s why I wondered if this is considered good time. Thanks foe for your help
  4. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Yeah. It sounds like you bought the hx stomp and not the helix. If so, maybe don’t get involved unless you have something valuable to add? I think other guy was not actually looking for help and feedback like I am. Didn’t even sound like he owned one.
  5. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Dude. Kilrahi. I just finished the rest of that thread. Do you even own a helix? Just read your final quote in that thread (posted below). I sure hope you do man. “BUT The cost of the Helix, especially with the LT as an option, was FAR less, and its routing power seemed far and away more advanced. To me the choice was no contest. So I decided when I had enough money I'd buy one.  Then the HX Stomp came out right around the time I was halfway saved up - and well - I pulled the switch and haven't looked back. ”
  6. joseroys

    Sound Question

    i just wanted to hear what people thought of that tone because I thought it sounded bad and wanted to hear any thoughts about how to avoid that since I struggle with it. If everyone said it sounded awesome, I would learn something from it. It’s really kinda lame. I think it’s so cool that people get on here and help but it’s kind of sad how hurt people get. I don’t see thaaaat many people posting “controversial” stuff. Maybe I’m not looking enough. Honestly, that post just made me want to look more into the axfx3. Lol. I’m even regretting falling for the line6 thing again. Kinda feel a little regret about getting it again. What a downer. Hahaha i just want to play and record guitar without latency... and maybe get inspired by the sounds I hear. That’s it man.
  7. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Thats so funny. Didn’t realize that was the same video. Lol. Well.... I need something to use when I can use my amps. I have an XT live and an HD live and they don’t do it for me. Honestly theres a lot I like about the helix (other than defensive fanboy stuff). The main reason I chose the helix is the routing flexibility. I like capturing ideas live without a computer and I also like to play solo, live, with a simple setup. The ability to run my mic, keyboard and guitar with separate processing paths with one unit was what sold me (and I’m not waiting any longer for a kemper 2 which is sorely needed as I’m not buying a 7 year old computer for 3k) But. The flexible routing did it for me. That’s the main thing really. The sounds are much better than the HD, But I still often run into frustration with some sound issues. Where it just sounds harsh and sterile. Apparently this is not the case and I’m doing my best to avoid these snags as I work. So as I was searching on more in depth info about the multitrack recording via usb (since I found the manual quite lacking) I ran into this video. I had seriously completely forgotten I had used this example before. Swear. Either way. It obviously caught my attention (again) and I was just curious if this tone is good. If it’s acceptable. I hope this is ok and didn’t offend you. It obviously bothers you but I’m just trying to get help. This feels like I’m talking about basic common sense policy issues in a Donald Trump think tank. Like I can’t say anything that doesn’t coincide wjth the narrative they’re pushing. I like the Helix ok. Is it perfect soundeize? No, it’s not. Is the kemper? No, it’s software and profile manager suck (although, it seriously sounds really really good). The helix still wins in a lot of ways. The Ax8 sounds awesome too but lacks in many areas as well. Honestly, the Helix is last in sound but first if functionality which is what I want. Good enough? Cool. Now. How does the sound strike you on this video?
  8. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Here it is ;)
  9. joseroys

    Sound Question

    Hi there. Spending more time with my Helix and getting further with it. I was reading about and trying to fully understand the usb and direct recording features. I came across this video and it shows one of the problems i have with the unit in regards to how it sounds. Is it me or is the sound in this video harsh or would you call this good tone>? Its similar to what i deal with that it sometimes sounds a bit harsh. Yes, the amp cabs and options of mic and hi cut have come a long way but i still run into this often where it sounds like this. Almost like running direct into a console and distorting the preamp or something. Just kinda cold and lifeless. Please don't kill me asking this lol. But does this sound good to you guys? Anyone feel the tone is harsh in this video? Thanks! edit. fixed link
  10. Why not the 250 ohm? Would the Beyerdynamic 770 250 ohm work better? I have the Akg k240 and don’t think they work well either. Kinda harsh.
  11. Super extra nasty lollipop fizzy. I doubt most of us have played a real vintage Octavia right? Well neither have I but the full tone and some others do not sound like lollipop. Maybe they should have modeled a better sounding one.
  12. Hmmm. Not sure how it came across that I didn’t know about gain staging. I spent about 7 years as a full time audio engineer and a lifetime of playing guitar. there didn’t seem to be a way to be a way to use the instrument out and bypass the gigantic master volume knob. So I was curious what was considered nominal. Kinda like every mixing and recording console ever made.
  13. I meant I tried bunch of pedals to test. Not stacking but separate. Individually. But I tried a bunch of the of/distortion.
  14. Yeahhelix. I got it for studio and live. But I wanted to try it with my amp to see if it could replace my pedals. The vox also has a bright cap mode so it takes pedals pretty well. I’m using the vox with low drive and clean with the master up. So, I have to use a high cut on the pedals? I thought they were supposed to behave like a real pedal? What did did you mean by not getting hi-fi delays? With the 5k roll off you mean? Again, seems not as I expected having to roll off top end if they behave like real pedals. When using the regular mono line out, the master volume is obviously in effect. There’s no “nominal” level on the output I’m guessing right? I tried the loop out which seems to just send line level. I would have thought since I have line (instrument) level on the master out, it would just be; line level. So it’s line level with a huge boost? and yes. Of course. I turned off all amp modelers. Thanks for the help
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