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  1. So I found a trick to fixing this. After making an adjustment that results in the screen block losing the preset color I found this works to reset it: save the patch clear the block that is first in the chain and tied to the FS in question reprogram that block accordingly For me that means deleting and re-programming the tube screamer on FS11 I use to activate all of the changes for my lead sound. Hope that helps!
  2. Hey all! Anybody know why/how to fix the color blocks on the screen in performance mode? Sometimes they show as the same color as the LED ring around the foot switch. Other times they block is just grey on the screen. Is there a maximum amount of parameters that can be set to a patch before the color drops out? E.g. on FS3 I have a Phaser and delay set for on/off. It works fine, the block on the screen is always orange. On FS 11 (set for Lead) I have OD on/off, EQ midrange increase, mics change on the cabs, Delay on/off, and a few other things. They are all set to Red in the editor, and the LED on the switch is red, but on the screen it's grey. WTF??? Cheers!
  3. Thanks all for the feedback! \m/
  4. Hi all, Why is the Blackface model so quiet? I can blow the windows out with the Marshall amps and channel volume on 3, but when I set up a Blackface I can crank it all to 10 and it's no where near the same volume. I have tried the BF with different topologies, etc and it's the same issue. WTF??? Is this normal, or is there something wrong with my amp.???
  5. So can anyone tell me if the transformer issue is fixed? I had a DT50 a few years ago, loved it! Then the transformer blew. Long story short, I got rid of it when I found out that it's an ongoing issue. I'll def get another one though if the situation is resolved. So bottom line, is it safe to buy one now?
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