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  1. I love this amp but need to sell ... so If anyone wants to get an almost new one for used price: $700, please PM for more information. I am hoping for a local buyer (Mass) so I won't have to ship it.
  2. I love my Firehawk .. for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and even synth guitar .. but I don't love the weight. It looks to me like the new Spider V 240 has a lot of the same features ... 43 lbs (20 lbs lighter than the Firehawk) and 1/2 the price. It features stereo and ability to amplify acoustics as well as electrics. What are others feeling about this?
  3. Is there any smaller pedal available to do patch changes? I only need to switch between 4 patches .. so the FBV3 is overkill and too big for my pedal board.
  4. Here is my review after a week with the FH1500. I am a multi instrumentalist playing guitar fiddle banjo pedal steel and keys in a country band. I am constantly looking for ways to consolidate gear for gigs. After seeing some ads for the FH I wanted to see if I could replace my 3 amp + 2 pedal board setup and accurately amplify this variety of instruments. After a few hours at home setting connections and patches on the iPad app I was off to two weekend gigs. I play guitar and keyboard sounds thru a Roland gr55. I patched these thru the xlr ins and cranked up that input gain. The gr55 has all of the effects and patches in stereo so all I needed for this instrument was a loud clean amp. I thought the FH handled this perfectly and the keyboard patches were loud and clean and the WDW stereo sounded huge. Guitars were spot on and reproduced the GR55 very well. One drawback is that the in XLRs cannot be routed to the Out XLRs so I could not feed the house. Instead I miked the amp. More inputs or control would be great. For the main input I plugged in fiddle and pedal steel guitar using an A/B box. Again more inputs would be nice. For these instruments I setup one bank each of four patches with various reverb and delay settings. Mostly clean with no amps or stomps. Worked with the EQ to find a pleasing tone for each instrument. Saved the banks then packed for the gig. Arriving a little early to setup I warmed up by playing along with some music from the iPad. This was really fun and my band mates were impressed. It sounded great coming from the amp altogether. During the gig I struggled a bit with patches. I thought I could use the iPad as a switcher to change on the fly. This does work but their is some latency and synching that make it ok for switching between songs but not ideal during songs. The BT connection stayed up very well but the synching was annoying. I would suggest some form of live mode with low latency. Integration of backing tracks would also be a cool application via BT. The full range amp is perfect for this. The on-stage ability to edit volumes and delay tempos from the iPad worked well and I did much better with this on the second gig. The amp did a great job with the fiddle acoustic tone and the steel (usually requires a specialty amp) sounded bright and loud. I am not sure about the 1500 watts. I was at about 75% volume all night and was worried I might run out of headroom. An intriguing first night with the amp. Saved a few minutes in setup and tear down via amp consolidation. I liked the tone power and flexibility. Would like more routing options and/or inputs. Second gig was better. BT was already synced and setup was a snap. The tilt back bracket is great and gives the amp a small footprint. My navigation and switching via iPad was better and was able to experiment with some effects and tap tempos. Tilted back you cannot see the LED so you will need the iPad or floorboard. As for the weight ... It is bad but manageable with a good amp case. I found it annoying that this amp does not fit into my SKB amp case by 1/2 inch. Cmon line6. A cover also would have been a nice freebie or accessory option. A dolly or push cart are must haves. In closing the amp is loud, has impressive stereo sound and is fun. I think it solves my one amp to fit all wish list but the burden of size and weight are negatives. I am hoping that my other niggles about routing and flexibility can be addressed through software updates. IOS control and integration with this amp should improve with updates.
  5. Is it possible to connect my Sonic Port directly to my iMac?
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