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  1. After reading through all the comments regarding Charles's different issues i'd have to conclude that if the tuning issue is not resolved it's most certainly a fault on the JTV and i'd be returning it to the store to let someone who knows what they are doing take a look at it. My JTV 69 has been perfect straight out of the box with no issues whatsoever. The only issue i have had has been the learning curve. To expect to get your head round this rig in 5 minutes is completely unrealistic. Firstly, because the possibilities and options are absolutely mind boggling to say the least. I finally traded in my trusty POD XT Live last week against a DT50 and i'm absolutely gobsmacked at the way the whole rig sounds. I also have a Roland GR20 guitar synth fitted to the JTV which fitted easily and works flawlessly. Just being able to mix a lush string patch with acoustic guitar sounds awesome. I also found that i didn't need to use the P.A. or any special speaker system to get a great sound out of the acoustics either. Just simply roll of the bottom end and it sounds crisp. Having owned many valve amps over the years including most Fenders Marshalls Vox's etc and finally ending up with a Mesa Boogie rig consisting of Triaxis/290/395/Mesa Cabs i know what these amps should sound like. Line 6 played a blinder getting Bogner to design the DT series amps and imho they have nailed it this time. The DT 50 sounds like what it is a "REAL" Tube Amp! Only problem, it weighs as much if not even more than any TWIN AC30 VOX or my old Selmer Zodiac Twin30 ha ha...... for those who remember that far back. And regarding the switching issue, even the most expensive boutique amps tend to have some lag and clunk when switching presets depending on the complexity of what is actually being switched. Pure genius!!! Hats off to Line 6! I'm loving my dream rig so much so......... any one wanna buy a used Mesa Boogie rig? Ha Ha
  2. Hi there! I just got my JVT69 and HD500x and i have been wading through manuals and watching video tutorials but can't find anything about using the JTV and HD500x and especially anything in depth regarding connections. Is it possible to run the magnetic pickups of the JTV69 using just the pre amps into my Mesa Boogie 395 stereo valve power amp and the Variax acoustic models into the PA seperately? Is anyone using a similar set up? Any advice would be cool thanks!
  3. Thanks Guys! Well that settles that then ha ha!
  4. Hi Guys! This is the reply i got from D'Addario EXL110. Nickel plated round wound 10-46 gauge Those are the strings the JTV69 ships with! Personally, i'd have to say that strings make a world of difference to a guitar in terms of feel and tone so finding the right strings is as personal as finding the right picks. And i would imagine that there is no coincidence that JT and Line 6 decided to go with that make and gauge. Hope this helps!
  5. I just got the HD500x and would like to authorize the model packs i purchased for the XT Live but License manager does not see the HD500X and when i connect the XT Live it shows the model packs and says i have to download Pod Farm? I never purchased Pod Farm to begin with. I had a free version but never used it. I just want the packs in my floorboard. Am i doing something wrong? Or is it simply a case of losing the packs? Has anyone else come across this issue?
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