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  1. I had the same thing when I had my amp plugged into Amp Out. When I moved it to Main Out, I get both the guitar signal and the backing track. Cheers Malcolm
  2. To Be Determined. At least at that point, they hadn't decided what the price point would be for Pod Farm users. More than $99 I expect.
  3. The whole VST topic has prompted a question for me that I'm curious about. If there's a useful feature that could be added to Helix Native (say, VST hosting) that would break the compatibility with Helix, which wins? Put another way, is Native more aimed at being an add-on for Helix owners, or an attractive plugin for people who don't own Helix (a potentially much larger audience)? I can totally see why adding VST support to Helix would be a very significant effort (if even possible. Are there non-Intel VSTs?). Adding it to Helix Native would be much less effort, but would mean my Native patches that include VSTs wouldn't transfer over to the Helix. For a Helix owner, that's possibly a big deal. Would that be prioritised over potentially attracting new Helix Native users? Cheers Malcolm
  4. In another thread, the comment was made that it's the same DSP code, so same input will result in same output. However, your A/D converters, etc in your interface are possibly different to the ones they use in the hardware Helix, so that could make the input to the DSP code slightly different. I only plan to use Native for recording, and don't have a Helix, so I don't need it to be identical. If you want to interchange presets between Helix and Native, then it possibly matters more. Cheers Malcolm
  5. I guess it depends on what you mean by Upgrade Path. If you mean a way to migrate presets, then seriously doubt it. But if you mean an Upgrade Price, then looks like it. This from the Helix Native FAQ (note the last sentence): What does Helix Native cost? Helix Native sells for $399 USD. However, to hammer home the whole studio-to-stage thing, we’re offering a discount to registered Helix and Helix Rack owners; they can purchase Helix Native for $99. Existing POD Farm customers are eligible for certain discounts as well (TBD).
  6. mgroves

    VST Block

    Of course you can work around most things, but depending on how many VSTs you want to add and where you want to place them, it can become clumsy very quickly. Worst I had back in the day before giving up and switching to Revalver was three instances of Pod Farm spread across mutiple tracks with routing between them. Works, but far from productive or efficient. Now I have one instance of Revalver with a single view of my signal chain, and changes are much less brittle. Helix (hardware) sounds to my ears better than Revalver, and the UI is a big improvement. Adding this would give me enough to switch back to Line6. Cheers Malcolm
  7. mgroves

    VST Block

    It's really useful. It was the main feature that made me stop using Pod Farm and move over to Revalver back in the day. No single vendor is ever going to be able to give us every effect we might want to use, so being able to drop, in my case, Valhalla Shimmer, Ohmicide, or any number of others, into my signal chain keeps me using the product and stops me from looking elsewhere.
  8. mgroves

    VST Block

    I would love to be able to insert other VSTs as blocks in the Helix Native signal paths. I realise we don't have much info yet, but if not at launch, would be a nice addition for a future release. Cheers Malcolm Edit: Added on Ideascale https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/VST-Block-for-Helix-Native/867034-23508
  9. Thanks Phil, that's exactly what I needed. Cheers Malcolm
  10. HI, Considering picking up a Variax, but haven't been able to find a good list of the software/DSP differences between the original Variax line, the JTV's and the Standard? Do they have different models? Are there differences in the Workbench support? Or is the variation all in the hardware and build quality? Cheers Malcolm
  11. mgroves

    Helix FAQ

    Can't upvote this enough :-) I'm looking at the Helix in/outs to drag my collection of midiverbs and spx's into play. A built in reverb model a la Midiverb II Bloom would be bloody awesome.
  12. In the past I've always just used sweetwater. Even with postage works out significantly cheaper than anywhere I could source locally.
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