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  1. I have problems with my second hand UX2. I can´t registered it. Could you help me?
  2. Hello, I´m user of POD 2.0 and I usually record the songs using line in (analog input) of my pc. Therefore, I´m using my Realtek integrated soundcard to convert it to digital signal. I try to improve audio quality of my records and I´m looking for an audio interface to connect POD 2.0 and then to USB port of my pc. Audio interfaces uses directly the signal of my electric guitar as input signal and I think that POD 2.0 has a different output signal compared with my guitar (I think POD 2.0 has a strong signal output). Then, Why type of audio interface is it recomended? Can I use POD 2.0 output signal as input of the audio interface? Thank you
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