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  1. I'm having problems programming my Spider IV 120 using Spider IV edit. First off, I have the latest version of Spider Edit as of Apr 30, 2013, and the latest firmware for my 120. So, I'm play with the last user preset. I get it set just the way I want it, using the AC30 (red) setting, a slight amount of crunch using the drive, all effects except a compressor off. Sounds awesome. I "Send Selected" to the amp. Then I disconnect the USB cable. Immediate, the preset becomes quieter and I lose the slight crunch, and besides that, I now cannot get any crunch even running the "Drive" gain all the way up. I plug the USB cable back in, and immediately the sound I wanted comes right back, even though the amp display and Spider IV Edit are both showing that I'm using the same patch. I'm very confused on how this should work.