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  1. well, still nothing for my HD 500x.... I use my MB Pro for both work and record. Company policy was to upgrade to EC today. I'm disappointed by L6 on this one, I had to use a steinberg UR22 card (no compatibility as there is no driver for it). Ironically, Line 6 seems aligned with Apple way of selling -> maintain new products (I've seen EC support for Helix, etc), let scream old users... Bad show guys....
  2. ok will do that on monday. thanks for all your answers
  3. hmm, seems that the neck itself is badly screwed maybe. I lower the vibrato, but buzzing is back a bit. Bad thing is I'm in France, and very difficult to find someone who wants to work on this. returning to warranty seems to be complicated too. thanks for your helps.
  4. I guess so, but can't fix the buzzing. or I have to work on the truss road again, neck is maybe too flat What's your chords height on the 7 and 12 (and the latest fret) ? Thanks again.
  5. You're not wrong, but don't confuse a developper beta and a GM release. In 99% of the code, the only difference is debugging flags and logs, code is finished and stable. I'm not sure that L6 will deliver their compatible drivers just a few days after the official release (wich is wednesday). However, it is wise to check if everything is compatible to a newer system, I'll give you that. My 3 cents
  6. Hi, sorry my english is limited. I had too much buzz on my JT69s and the saddle action screws on the bridge were already at the maximum when I received the guitar (it was brand new). The only solution I found, after relaxing the truss road (1/8 turn), was to use the 2 main screws of the bridge and raise the entire block (see image), but I'm not sure it's the best way. K. Could you share you own setups ? thanks in advance, and sorry again for the bad english.
  7. Up, Same issue for me. Curious thing is that PodFarm 2 is working with my old UX1 on EC beta. Older stuff works better than newer ? :) Weird...
  8. Thanks a lot Duncan, that's what I was looking for. I had them, but was not able to map those names to GK or Ampeg :( Maybe this is something that line6 has somewhere. Once again, thanks for your help/ :) Cheers.
  9. Hi, Sorry if the question is a noob one. I've purchased the HD fully loaded pack (metal, vintage & bass). I can't see the Ampeg & GK Amps in my HD500x neither in the editor. I assume they have different names but can't find out wich ones ? Does someone has a mapping table for this ? Or maybe the models haven't been implemented correctly during the install procedure. I will use an active Ibanez, a 5 chords peavey and a jazz bass fretless on it BTW. Thanks for you help/advices Best regards. K.
  10. Hi, Does someone knows how to get piezo parts for a JTV69S in Europe ? Thanks a lot. K.
  11. Hi , thanks. True, the title is not good, will create a new thread for it.
  12. Hi, Does someone knows how to get a piezo part for a JTV69S in Europe ? I've seen some stuff on US stores, but they usually don't ship overseas (or the shipping cost are so high you can afford a new gear). Thanks in advance.
  13. THanks Steve, Will check if I can order that in France. Cheers. K.
  14. Hi, Just received my JT69S and very happy with it, except with power & battery. I ordered also 2 battery to get rid of the power problem but can't find out any power supply to avoid change the battery each day or so. I would like to avoid to buy a Line 6 POD HD or FireHawk, not because I don't like them ( I have old line6 stuff here and still use them), but also because I use quite often my Digitech gear or directly plug my guitars in the iPad or my MacBook. I can't find the power cable mentionned in the user manual, seems that line6 stopped it. Does someone have a magic trick for this, a homemade power or the characteristics of what shall be use as volt, A, imp, etc ? Thanks in advance. K.
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