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  1. This seems to be a common mistake of the hardware. I had this on all former products of Line6 with a rotary knob. Helix will go away. I look for another product, maybe Fractal or Kemper.
  2. Hello thank you for your answer. Global settings: Guitar in Pad - off Mic in Phantom - off Mic in Gain -0 dB Mic in Lowcut - off USB In 1/2 - Multi USB In Trim 0.0 dB 1/4" Outputs - Line XLR Outputs - Line Send/Return 1 - Instrument 2- Instrument 3 - Instrument 4 - Instrument Re-amp Src USB 7 - Guitar 8 - Mic Volume Knob Controls - Multi Headphones Monitor - Multi Digital Output - S/PDIF Digital Out Level - 0.0 dB Sound control panel - Notebook's internal soundcard deactivated Default Bit depth 24 bit Buffersize extra small Still latency - music from notebook excellent I turn the notebook's volume slider down, then no music from notebook and no latency Any suggestions? Thank you Josef
  3. Problem: When listening to backingtracks or other soundfiles via USB and playing guitar to these, I notice a remarkable latency with my Helix. This not the case, when I do the same procedure over UX2 and Gearbox.
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