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  1. But, why nobody told me to make this upgrade? And why there is new ones with green labels wrote 2.0? Line 6 pos-selling procedures are very nazy. Doesn´t inform the costumer about the news concerning to the product proudly bought. Well, thanks a lot, psarkissian! Hugs to Lando Karlrissian of Star Wars! Carlos Bluesman
  2. Olá, amigos! Please, what a hell are the differences between Spider Jam 1.0 to Spider Jam 2.0??? amplificador-line-6-spider-jam-1x12-75w-celestion-D_NQ_NP_660154-MLB27578300025_062018-O.webp cubo-line-6-spider-jam-6-75-w-com-pedal-fbv-top-D_NQ_NP_880722-MLB25545800247_042017-O.webp
  3. Amigos, Where can I find a YouTube converter or a simple MP3 converter, to WAV 16 Bits 44100 Mono, official format to play in Spider Jam and JM4 Looper? It seems that iTunes has stopped to provide that and I very desperated, because I´ll must to prepare a new repertoire sooner. From now on I am very thankfull for your help. Please, help me! Hugs, Carlos Bluesman
  4. Where in hell can I get 1 or 2 GB SD Cards? Spider Jam and JM4 doesn´t accept up to that. Hello, spider jam team, let´s make a new "Upload" for this matter? Or I´ll have to go to China or Etiopia in order to get some of them? JM4 Pilot's Handbook - Portuguese .pdf
  5. 1) You should format it in the recommended FAT. 2) Thou shalt not write the titels of tunes with simbols: " ' ? / # * + % & $ etc.etc. 3) Number them from 001- to 100- 4) Safe the tunes inside a file named: LINE6 into the SDCard. Otherwise it will not open the file. 5) And so on...
  6. I wanna play my Spider Jam!

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